Avery Bradley got his swole on, but knocked out by teenage girls

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

A bunch of beat reporters caught up with a bulked-up Avery Bradley at a charity event with RE/MAX of New England. He talked about getting stronger this off-season, working with the new coaching staff, and playing the underdog next year.

Alright, I'm getting excited.  Some people may have gotten off the Avery Bradley bandwagon after he faltered last season as a starting point guard, but I'm predicting big things from this pitbull this season.  I compared him to Joe Dumars earlier this month and I'm sticking by that prediction: when Rondo returns to the rotation and pushes AB back to the #2, they're going to be the dynamic duo that closed out the 2011-2012 season.

Here are some choice cuts from newly cut Avery Bradley:

Beefed up Bradley ready for new season

Bradley said he's settled into a two-a-day routine in Boston as other players start trickling in (MarShon Brooks and Kelly Olynyk among the recent arrivals, with Vitor Faverani and Phil Pressey before them). Bradley admitted the departure of coach Doc Rivers, as well as veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, was "hard" because, "we were all like family." But he heaped praise on new coach Brad Stevens and a remodeled coaching staff.

"[The coaching staff is] amazing," said Bradley. "It's different after being with the same coaches for three years, it was hard for me. But our new coaching staff is amazing. Every single coach. I'm enjoying being around them every single day. I learn from them every single day."


Bulked-up Bradley ready to play point for C's

"Whatever my role is, whatever I can do to help our team out, that's what I'm going to be open to doing," Bradley said. "Rondo will still be there to play that leadership role and help everybody out. Even if I'm not playing point guard, whoever it is, I'm pretty sure whoever is, Rondo is going to be there in his ear to try to help us be the best team we can be and win a championship."

Yes, Bradley said the 'C' word in relation to this team.

"I consider us an underdog team," Bradley said, adding, "a lot of people counting us out."

The Celtics' naysayers and critics, much like Bradley's contract status, are not pressing matters for him heading into this season.

"I've just been focusing on my game, just getting better and being the best I can for this team," he said.

Two-a-days with Marshon Brooks and Kelly Olynyk?  A championship?  Go get it, kid.  But then this from Forsberg:

Then someone noted how he lost to a group of teen girls in a game of knockout.

"Yeah, the girls beat me at knockout," said Bradley. "That's OK. I'm not used to this hoop."

For what it's worth, you don't play defense in knockout.

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