Another Monroe Trade Idea

Detroit: Wallace, Brooks, Clippers 2015 unprotected first round pick

Boston: Stuckey, Monroe

Just thinking about Detroit's situation now with Jennings. They seriously want to make it to the playoffs, but there is a lot of uncertainty about the Smith, Monroe, Drummond trio. I've read that statistically, Josh Smith is a lot better player when he is playing PF vs. SF. I think Drummond is enough of a beast to hold down the paint, and the trio has a lot of redundancy. I've also heard that Detroit isn't keen on paying Monroe max money next year, but may be forced to or let him walk for nothing if another team offers him the Max.

I think that having Wallace/Datome play the 3 opens up more minutes to play smith at the 4 full time and will make that team a heck of a lot better. Also, throw in Marshon Brooks and you essentially get back a similar (in value) player to what you gave up in B. Knight. Brooks & KCP would be a good combo at the 2. Throw in a future first round pick that Detroit can swing (they don't have theirs until the Cats/Hornets use the one they got along with B. Gordon) for another deal next year.

For the Celtics, we'd be getting a year to look at Monroe and see how he fits with Rondo Bradley Green and Sully/Oly. I think its a good fit, an offensive-minded center who is still young, growing, isn't dumb as rocks (looking at you McGee). I also believe that playing with Drummond holds him back a little and that Rondo with his high expectations will bring out the best in Monroe. He will be an RFA, so we have the right to match any offer or facilitate a S&T. I think he would fit well and with a complete team; we could use this year to honestly evaluate our biggest gaps and make a move next off-season.

I am also a huge fan of the idea of building around Rondo with high character, high IQ guys. Bradley, Green, Sully and Olynyk are exactly that. I think Monroe would fit in perfectly with that group. I also love that he is a former Hoya along with Jeff. A front court line-up of either Jeff-Sully-Monroe or Jeff-Olynyk-Monroe would be quite dynamic. All three can score in multiple ways and defend multiple positions. With Jeff-Olynyk-Monroe you have a stretched front-court with Jeff and KO as three point threats and Monroe a skilled shooter around the key. Swap in Sully and you have a strong rebounding front court that can score on multiple attempts (with put-backs). All-in-all, this could be a solid young core one piece away from relevancy.

Additional Sweeteners:

I'd also consider including a swap of Humphries or Bass for Villianueva if that's a sweetener for Detroit. I'd also consider giving them Fab Melo as a sweetener as well. And finally, I would consider giving them Faverani (sight unseen) as a backup for Drummond.

Detroit Roster:

1. Jennings, Siva, Billups, Bynum

2. KCP, Brooks, Singler

3. Wallace, Datome, Maggette

4. Smith, T. Mitchell, (Villanueva/Humphries), Jerebko

5. Drummond, (Melo?, Fav?)

Boston Roster:
1. Rondo, Pressey, Stuckey

2. Bradley, Lee, Crawford, Bogans

3. Green

4. Sully, Olynyk, Bass, (Humpries/Villianueva)

5. Monroe, Faverani

Final note: Not sure about the timing of when this trade can happen. I think we are still a month away from packaging Brooklyn pieces together in this type of trade. If it happens that this must wait until the deadline, a lot is going to depend on Wallace and Hump's redemption year.

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