Discussion: Combining players like Frankenstien


Do two halves make a whole center? Not really, but for fun...

Here's a fun little offseason topic to kick around. Imagine that you could take two players and combine the best parts of their game into one player. Who would you pick and what parts of their games would you choose? For this discussion we can stick to Celtics but if you want to include other team's players, that's fine too.

I'll start with our Center position. Imagine if Fab and Fav were one guy. We'll call him Favulous. First he'd have Vitor Faverani's offense.

Scouting Phil Pressey and Vitor Faverani | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

Dunks are great, but what stands out most in Faverani’s offensive game is his apparent ambidexterity. He is right-handed, but has a soft touch with his left hand as well. Faverani has shown smooth mechanics on left-handed, turnaround shots off of the glass, as well as left-handed jump-hooks. His ambidexterity goes as far as blocking shots with his off-hand, which is rare. The Synergy Sports tool agrees wholeheartedly that Faverani is a strong offensive player. It rated him as ‘very good’ at that end thanks to his 0.976 points per possession this past season. Synergy says he is ‘very good’ in post up situations, as a pick-and-roll man, and as a transition finisher. He’s also ‘excellent’ at putting home offensive rebounds.

Then he'd have Fab Melo's defense.

Offseason Depth Chart: Center | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

Defense is the one area where Melo is most advanced. He has a good feel for where he needs to be on the court and he is a good help defender. These skills allowed him to block 3.1 shots per game last season in the NBA Development League. Additionally, he blocked 1.2 shots per game during summer league play despite averaging just 18.2 minutes per contest.

With that combination, you might be looking at a guy that would be a solid starter and at 7 feet tall, he'd probably command about $10M a year.

So what do we do with the leftover parts? Let's combine those too. We'll call him Flab Velcro. He wouldn't really be worth much, but perhaps we could keep him around for comic relief and perhaps to match salaries with in a trade.

So now it is your turn. I went with the very general offense/defense, but feel free to get more specific. Like Rondo's passing and Lee's shooting? Or perhaps something really odd like Olynyk's shooting/offense and Bradley's tenacious perimeter defense? Feel free to get creative.

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