Vacation planning - the best Celtics games to miss in 2013-14

Jim Rogash

Everyone gives you the top games on the schedule. How about the bottom ones?

Kevin did a fine job of highlighting the top games to circle on your calendar. Most of you, if you've had a chance, have already circled dates and/or typed them into your smartphone. That's great and all, but allow me to flip this subject over.

Sure, it is very noble and downright impressive if a diehard fan can claim to have watched every game in a season. If that's your goal, I tip my cap to you and say "good for you." But the fact of the matter is that life often gets in the way (often times in a good, healthy way) and you just can't catch every game. Furthermore, the painful reality is that next year might very well be a difficult one to endure for 82 games or more.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to steer anyone away from our beloved team this year. That would be against my nature and a bit foolish considering the trade that I'm in with this blog. I'm merely pointing out that if you have to miss a game or two here or there, there are some that are easier to miss than others. So here's a few dates to consider when you are planning your vacations, weddings, business trips, or whatever things that keep you away from the team that we all love.

The first month of the season is always pretty fun because it has that new car smell about it. You get a feel for how the season is going to go and you see the new faces start to mesh with each other. But at some point that freshness wears off. Which brings us to...

Thanksgiving weekend: Go ahead and enjoy time with your family, overeat, watch football, fall asleep on the couch, and stand in long lines or sit in traffic. If there's nothing else to do or if you need some time away from all that family fun, you can catch the Celtics play the Cavs (11/29) and the Bucks (11/30) but if you don't ... you probably won't regret it much. Besides, you won't have to wait long for them to play the Bucks again (12/3).

Happy New Year! December could be a lot of fun, especially the 2nd week where 2 Knicks games bookend back to back games against the Nets and Clippers. That alone should carry us through Christmas. But on New Years eve there's a game against the Hawks at 1 PM that probably won't be your top priority.

Sunday Magic: There's nothing particularly interesting about the Orlando Magic. They started their rebuilding process a year or so ago and they plan on being bad again this year. There are two Sunday games against them on 1/19 and 2/2 that start at 6 PM and 1 PM respectively. Maybe go out for a stroll or spend some extra time with the family or catch up on your failing fantasy football team.

March Madness: The first weekend of March Madness conflicts with games against the Heat and Nets - games that are actually pretty interesting for different reasons. But the second weekend only conflicts with consecutive games against the Raptors (3/26, 3/28) and the Final Four conflicts with a game against the Pistons (4/5). As a bonus, you can scout for the NBA Draft all month long.

April Showers: Well, you can take two angles on the last month of the season. Depending on where we are in the standings, you can either take heart at the easy schedule or you can actively root against your own team in favor of ping pong balls. The schedule has us loaded up with Woeful for Wiggins candidates like the 76ers and Bobcats and playoff wannabies like the Wizards, Hawks, and Pistons. In truth, these games might be fun to watch if only to see some young guys get a little extra run and in order to soak in the (likely) last Celtics basketball until Summer League. But if the team is just killing time till the end of the season and you just can't stand to watch, we'll understand.

So there you have it. The not-top-10 of sorts for your Celtics schedule.

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