Finding Comfort in the "Rajon Rondo Era" and The End of the Big 3


To say this summer has been a crazy one for Boston Celtics fans would be an understatement. Ever since that summer day in 2007, when GM Danny Ainge initiated what some people call the "Boston Three Party" bringing together Pierce, Garnett and Allen, we knew that this new era wouldn’t last forever. But now that it has been dismantled, it has hit many of us like a ton of bricks.

We have all been grieving in our own personal ways over the loss of the two future hall of famers we have grown accustom to over the years. I personally am on day 4 of wearing my beat up Pierce Jersey for a week because it helps me cope with the fact that he is gone (a tribute to - The Truth).

But what a wonderful blessing it has been to watch these guys resurrect an organization that has such a strong history of a winning back to it's winning ways. Watching these warriors put blood, sweat and tears on the court to FINALLY bring Beantown the long awaited 17th banner. That day will always be one of the most memorable days of my life.

But now, whether we are still in shock, denial or miserable pain over what has taken place, it is time to move on. Drum-roll please... ladies and gentlemen... ready or not,

"The Rajon Rondo Era" has officially begun!

A few days ago I listened to Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max WEEI 93.7fm (if you haven't heard it check out Jeff Clark's fanpost from Aug, 5- there is a link).

While listening, something Cedric Maxwell said really stuck with me, it really helped me see the hope that the Celtics have in future years to come. It wasn't as if I didn't think there was hope, it just seemed so far away. His personal view on Pierce being traded really got me excited for opening night, that Tuesday in October that also seems so far away.

Instead of attempting to summarize it, I just typed it up the best I could so you could read it for yourself. It starts out with Sean Grande asking Jeff Clark a question.

SEAN GRANDE - "Do you think fans are ultimately okay, resigned to the fact that there was going to be trades involving Paul Pierce and or Kevin Garnett? And do you think they are okay with the way it played out?"

JEFF CLARK - "Ummm... again yes and no, I'd say it's a split between your head and your heart at this point. Alot of people can logically think, okay yes we know in order to better our situation years ahead of us we get the most value by trading those guys and getting assets for them. But at the same time, nobody wanted to see Paul Pierce go, I mean I can't think of anybody in their heart that really wanted to see Paul Pierce not retire with the Celtics."

Then CEDRIC MAXWELL jumped in and said: "I did, I wanted to see him go, I didn't want to see him retire here, and the reason I say that is because I thought that he still has a lot maybe to offer another team towards winning a championship. And at the same time I think that he was a crutch, and somewhat of an impediment, when you start thinking of a guy like Jeff Green developing because at the end of the day you can always say '''Okay Paul, you do it''' but if Paul's not here, Jeff Green is going to have to get better or have to sink, and I think that we're going to know a lot more about Jeff Green with Paul Pierce not being here. That's why I made that point. "

Now I'm hesitant to say that Pierce was "a crutch, or somewhat of an impediment" but here it comes... I kind of agree with Max. IF Jeff Green is going to be a part of the new core of future players, why not let him take the reigns? How long were we going to hold out and put off the "rebuilding"? Was the championship window still open, or was it closed? WHO REALLY KNOWS?

All I do know is, with the Paul Pierce era behind us, the only question now is: Who will come along side Rondo and become the next piece of the puzzle for the future years of this young Celtics team?

I think most of us (including Danny Ainge) would raise our hand and answer "Jeff Green!"

The moment of truth has come for the career average 13 ppg, 5 rpg guy to step it up. Only starting 19 games in a Celtic uniform, this year is going to be a huge opportunity for him to show the world what he can do as a starter.

We have all seen a glimpse of greatness here and there from him but not on a consistent basis. Now is the time, and I guess I take comfort in the fact that with Pierce & KG leaving, a new chapter can be started in the history of Celtics Basketball.

Thanks for reading, I am looking forward to the poll results and comments Celtics Nation.

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