Is Rajon Rondo "Untradeable"......?

The poor guy, trying to come back to a new team while recovering from injury and this is all he gets? The last time he spoke to his new center he got thrown out of the game and that guy on ESPN calls him "Rojon Rando" all the time. What is up with that anyway?

Of course you keep Rondo! One of the top point guards in the game....but is he untradeable? He is a superb "piece" for a team. Not a true "build around guy," but, damn close.

The issue in the Rondo rebuild sweepstakes isn’t the usual Celtics blog love or hate Rondo discussion. It is will the owners of the team give him the $15M? This, I suggest, is the main component of the debate.

Will they? Wanna take a swing? Do I hate Rondo if I think ownership will not pay him? Perhaps hatred would be best directed at the men making the decision?

Look at cap structures (which is freaking impossible, but, gives us something to talk about). A build around guy for the future Celtics "might" be a big with offensive ability and rim defense…(Garnett). If they get the next Garnett and can keep Rondo…voila! The $64,000 question is? Where the hell is the franchise big? And the cap ability to acquire said big? Most important to this debate...when?

Kevin Love is a reasonable example. $19.9M kinda guy…has the above "build aroundable" attributes…how does Ainge get him? When? Ready for the blog to quake? Would the Celtics trade Rondo for Kevin Love or an equivalent big? I think they would.

This is why.

Our General Manager does not value point guards the way he values bigs. He does not. I don’t know why, he just doesn’t. I'm crazy? If they were both 26 years of age, would you take Rondo or Kevin Garnett? Of course I just made an impossible suggestion, does illustrate a point though....sort of.

Rondo’s future in Boston is about management’s "Rondo value equation" which has less to do with his "playing ability equation" which obviously, is terrific.

I suggest that "build around" means "untradeable". I suggest that, as of today, Rajon Rondo is not regarded by management as untradeable. Let the fur fly.

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