Jared Sullinger, a double-double machine?

Tonight, Jared Sullinger will finish his 82nd NBA game verses the Toronto Raptors. The 82nd game, falling in technically his Sophomore season, was of course due to the fact that Sullinger required season ending back injury last year shortly after Rondo's season ending ACL injury.

Considering how well Jared has been playing, this day is a very important milestone in hopefully a long (Boston Celtic) career and deserves a full recap. However, I'm going to focus on one astounding element.

Jared Sullinger clearly projects to be a double-double machine.

I'm not saying he will become Kevin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge (although his first 82 game production is eerily similar to Lamarcus' first 82 games) but Sully does project to be a very talented big.

Lets focus on games where Sully played 28 minutes or more, of which there were 26 total over the 82 game span. Of those 26 games, Sully produced 11 double-doubles. That is pretty impressive.

But, what about those other 15 games? Did he disappear into the stands like Jeff Green? Or, was he close to another double-double?

Here are the 15 other games:

Washington 11/13/12: 7pts 4reb

Portland 11/30/12: 9pts 8reb

Brooklyn 12/25/12: 16pts 7reb

Indiana 1/4/13: 7pts 10reb

Chicago 1/18/13: 7pts 15reb

Portland 11/15/13: 26pts 8reb

Indiana 11/22/13: 13pts 5reb

Atlanta 11/23/13: 15pts 9reb

Charlotte: 11/25/13: 8pts 5reb

Milwakee 12/3/13: 12pts 8reb

Brooklyn 12/10/13: 15pts 5reb

Clippers 12/11/13: 10pts 9 reb

New York 12/13/13: 19pts 6reb

Detroits 12/18/13: 19pts 8 reb

Cleveland 12/28/13: 8pts 3reb

Out of these 15, only three stand out as awful (Washington, Charlotte, Cleveland). In a lot of these games, Jared focused heavily on either scoring or rebounding. In fact, if you were to total both points and rebounds, you would find that 8 of the 15 were greater than 20 combined.

In Summary, Jared Sullinger is on pace to become an indisputable double-double machine.

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