Bayless is back but he won't start,

Knicks have MW Peace and K-Mart.
But Bargnani out for the year, no Amar'e we'll see.
AB's ankle is still sprained. Cs at MSG.

Rondo scored, on a Wallace length of the court pass.
Toughest job tonight, covering Melo is Bass.
Wallace a "Forceful Driver," so said Brad.
Knicks back door cuts for the lay ups they had.

Wallace good block, he's been energized of late,
12-0 run by the Knicks, Cs don't look great.
Knicks are making their threes, not lookin' for fun,
Not after the last MSG game, Cs by 41.

Cs are still having a problem with pick and roll D,
An Angry Melo (oxymoron?) is not good to see.
Bass is doing well at both ends of the floor,
Cs within 16 end of Q1 score.

JOHNSON FOR THREE!! He averages more points than days!
We need to give him a contract, gotta love how he plays.
Knicks went on a 14-2 run,
GREEN FOR THREE! Have the Cs just begun?

There is no communication among the Cs,
Contagious is the Missing Shots Disease.
Good hustle Wallace, Rondo, Sully--it's not enough,
Cs within 26 after a first half so tough.

Brad said breakdowns on D are...everywhere,
First post-first half report you could feel his despair.
Shumpert hurt his shoulder, reinjured is K-Mart.
Each C is playing like an individual part.

GREEN FOR THREE! That just got Melo going.
The (only) good news: a little Old Rondo is showing.
On a night when the Knicks so easily scored
The crowd was silent, they seemed bored.

HUMP IS A BEAST--all alone playing D.
Bayless, Vitor, Johnson made the Cs game less messy,
Note the late contributions of Olynyk and Pressey.

Brad was visibly angry, his Starters were not competing,
It was their attitude--not the Knicks--that was defeating.
Bright spots: Hump! Rondo looked better, tho miles to go.
Plus it didn't take long for Bayless' skills to show.

Gotta mention--the best name!--Vander Blue,
Doesn't matter that there wasn't much he could do.
The only good news when this game was done?
Cs' loss was only (hah) 26--less than 41!

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