Eastern Conference struggling with their Western foe,
Cs are facing 'em--home/away--seven in a row.
NO's 2012 #1 pick Davis in blocked shots leads the league,
The Pelicans are younger, plus the Cs travel fatigue?

Positive from last night, we (Hump) played well on the glass,
Need Green to bust out, more from AB and Bass.
Each C got a scouting report on his iPad today,
Cool! No time for practice before tonight's play.

Green hard to the hoop, to the crowd's (my!) delight.
Sully's hand was rewrapped--cumbersome last night.
Hump great hustle, rebound! AB FOR THREE!
Anderson shoots like crazy, very often for three.

NO an 8-0 run til Wallace's shot,
NO Bench 6 for 7, they were hot.
Cs within 5 to start Q2,
Sully strong off the glass. Bass, too.

LEE FOR THREE! Bass hard to the rim!
Sully and Bass, a nice rhythm.
Stiemsma? Really? We taught him to play!
Tonight, he and his bench are having their way.

Hump hustle again! AB FOR THREE!
Bass--first half--six for six is he.
Spurred by Hump's energy, Cs within 6 end Q2,
AB FOR THREE! Seeing what Green can do!

Cs more energetic, starting to play some D,
Green was taken down hard but ok is he.
AB FOR THREE! Green's athleticism's showing,
GREEN FOR THREE! Respect for Bass is growing!

Cs went on a 29-24 run,
At the end of Q3, Cs within 1.
Hump great hustle! Pressey a steal and a shot!
Wallace, Anderson hit heads--Anderson up he is not.

His head snapped back, a stretcher was needed,
Stabilized his neck, concussion guidelines heeded.
Wallace went to him, Anderson gave a wave,
Pelicans said a prayer, both teams have to be brave.

Three phantom calls for the Pelicans, finally one for a C.
Great work was done by Pressey and Lee.
Cs missed eleven shots in a row,
Til Bass was able to make his shot go.

The latter--double-digit assists has he.
HUMP IS A BEAST. All caps does he deserve.
Averaged a double double last year, and he's a reserve!

HUMP IS A BEAST, yes, saying it again,
Cs ball! Refs swallowed their whistles then!
Some late game mistakes, useful lessons for Brad,
Who, after each game, stresses good (offensive boards), not bad.

Anderson is ok, he has a cervical stinger.
Cs almost won...this game was a humdinger!

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