Welcome Mr. Bayless, no not Skip,
Glad you made this Denver trip.
With a bad ankle, we'll have no Hump.
Waiving Gomes, part of the salary dump.

No matter where you go, you run into Nate,
He is a Nugget--as of late.
SULLY FOR THREE! Bass hard to the hoop.
Short possessions, pass or two, for the Denver group.

Cs had a tough practice to get used to the air,
Physically--and mentally--it's rough in there.
Sully hurt his hand when a hard charge took he.

Cs went on a 10-2 run,
Then 10-0--the Nuggets had one.
Bayless sighting, scored, did okay,
Bogans--the second game he did play!

Cs within 8 to start Q2.
Both teams taking charges--hard to do!
7-0 run Nuggets--too many open threes,
Usually they're defended well by the Cs.

Miller argued publicly with Coach Shaw--now exile,
Not expected back to this place high as a mile.
Cs a 12-2 run, Wallace playing great D,
Denver has gone crazy making that three.

Bass is posting up, working hard at the rim,
At this moment, I would like NOT to trade him.
Cs: TOs, no effort, no D, no offense--ugh, great.
End Q2, Cs 45, opponents' season high 68.

Flagrant on Sully, again on Sully--say goodnight,
Nightmare game for the Cs, nothing going right.
Second half the Cs are playing slightly better D,
By which I mean a Nugget missed a three.

No flow to the game, Cs in such a deep hole,
Tho' it's not all that physical, refs wanna keep control,
Free throws galore, don't know what the refs saw,
After two quick technicals, goodnight, Coach Shaw.

Yikes! Cs within 25 at the end of Q3.
To describe the play-by-by I don't have the heart,
Cs showed too little intensity right from the start.

(Who?) Bayless, Pressey, Green, Bogans and Vitor,
These are the (uninjured) Celtics on the floor!
I guess I should mention the play of Faried,
He's "Manimal" for a reason, that's all you need.

No matter tonight's drubbing, the result is the same,
Nuggets won just one (Cs still lost just one) game.
Work in progress, I'm optimistic, and for this reason,
We should be grateful ( really!) it's still a long season!

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