Larry Sanders and O.J. Mayo

I read a post last week about trading Jeff Green to PHX for Okafor's expiration and a 2014 first rounder. Though I think Green is worth more than a mid-1st, I might want to proceed were Ainge to follow up with something like this:

Wallace, Bass, Bradley, either the Brooklyn or Phoenix 2014, and LAC '15 to Milwaukee for Larry Sanders, O.J. Mayo and Caron Butler ($8 mil expiring)

Milwaukee might do this because Larry Sanders is a child. They've got Giannis with whom the entire world is enamored, Henson, who's going to be alright, and, most likely, a top 3 pick in 2014. They've also got a bunch of long-term deals on guys who may or may not be worth that kind of money in a rebuilding situation in Milwaukee.* I'm talking about Mayo, Ilyasova, Sanders. Perhaps they'd like to shed one or two of them.

For Boston: In Larry Sanders, I see All-NBA Defense talent. If he reaches that potential, or comes close, he's on a very reasonable deal - 4 years/$44 mil. And I've always liked Mayo. Not to mention, we'd be rid of Wallace's deal. Bradley is a good young player, but I wouldn't want to pay him more than $7 million. He's undersized and he's not a consistent scorer. Rondo can't shoot, so our 2-guard has to be score-first, IMO.

The 2014-2015 group would look like this:

Rondo / Pressey



Sullinger / Olynyk

Sanders / Faverani / Anthony

We'd have a ton of cap space, still a bunch of future picks, that $10mil trade exception, and these guys would all be on reasonable deals. For the void at SF: there's the 2014 lottery, Gordon Hayward, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Johnson... possibilities are endless ;)

*By "in Milwaukee" I mean, in a situation less favorable than ours: 1 star already (Rondo), proven GM, ownership group that's willing to spend big $.

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