Knicks - Raptors Celts

Hi all. Firstly Im open to being wrong and this is a suggestion. Dont just hit back with " only if you got the opposite GM drunk" type line. Maybe a pick has to be thrown in or something. Anyways just a thought - thanks for any comments back.

Celtics get - Bargnani (ha ive lost ye already), Amare

Celtics give up - Green, Bass, Wallace, Bogans (expiring 5.1 contract - can be bought out), vitor

Knicks get - lowry, Green, Wallace, Bass, Vitor

Knicks give - Hardaway, Amare, Bargnani

Raptors get - Hardaway, Bogans

Raptors give - Lowry


Ok ok ok - I know we are getting two awful awful contracts that no one else wants. But we are also getting rid of all our remaining bad contracts. Only green is close to being a good contract and even then it isnt. Our needs right now in short term are get worse for this draft. As of now we have a 6.3% of getting 1st pick in da draft and are 6th next to milwaukee, philly, orlando, sactown, utah. - We need to get worse and get a high pick (top 4) this summer. We also need to get rid of our long bad contracts. bargnani and amare makes us worse alot. Let kelly and sully play as much as possible for their improvement. In one year time coming up to the trade deadline 2015 we could have a team of Rondo Avery Wiggins (or parker - Im taking it embiid goes 1st) jared kelly and two golden ticket trade assets in amare and bargnani - look how valuable okafor is now. That team will already be in playoffs - were back!


No brainer! Da knicks are in in win now. They have no draft picks for yrs and they have max money. Melo walks for nothing if they dont get a team around him asap! They be dying to get rid of amare and bargnani and will take da hit with hardaway in a wink of the eye. Lowry, Shubert, Green, Melo, Tyson (or start bass and play green sg) is a dam strong starting five. Also will alow green to mark da likes of lebron, durrant georges of da world and allow melo not to. Da bench of Felton, JR, Wallace (artest) Bass vitor is also dam good. They prob should look for a deal then for prigoni/udrih/artest to just clear cap. I think knicks do it in a heart beat


The only ones Im a lil dodgy on. Raptors are as off now the third ranked team in the east. Although everyone thought they be tanking etc they have done great esp since letting rudy go. At the same time lowry is an expiring contract that they know will walk in the summer. They already made a move to bring in vasquez to take over from lowry. They are going to move him. Ive seen rumours of a move for danny granger. Would you not prefer a young good player on a rookie contract as well as a cap space (bogans contract can be wiped in da summer). Maybe a pick has to be thrown Raptors direction?

Anyways thoughts lads - and please be kind.



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