Draft pick trading and positioning as of 2-12-14

This is something I do for myself, (because I'm obsessive) and I thought others might be curious to look it over. Here's a list of who is currently sending picks to who and where their current draft position would be. I figured there was a good deal of intrigue regarding these things right now due to the fact that most of us assume Danny is trying to trade for one or more of these picks. please let me know if any of this info is wrong. Enjoy.

• Atlanta swaps with Brooklyn if Brooklyn’s pick is better.

• Boston gets Brooklyn’s pick

• Charlotte gets Portland’s pick unless it’s 1-12

• Charlotte gets Detroit’s pick unless it’s 1-8

• Chicago gets Charlotte’s pick unless it’s 1-10

• Cleveland gets Sacramento’s pick unless it’s 1-12

• Denver gets New York’s pick

• Miami gets Philadelphia’s pick unless it’s 1-14

• Oklahoma City gets Dallas’ pick unless it’s 1-20

• Orlando gets Denver’s less favorable pick

• Philadelphia gets New Orleans’ pick unless it’s 1-5

• Phoenix gets Minnesota’s pick unless it’s 1-13

• Phoenix gets Washington’s pick unless it’s 1-12

• Phoenix gets Indiana’s pick unless it’s 1-14

• Utah gets Golden State’s pick

Positioning as of 2-12-14

30. Phoenix (from Indiana)

29. Oklahoma City

28. Miami

27. San Antonio

26. Charlotte (from Portland)

25. LA Clippers

24. Houston

23. Utah (from Golden State)

22. Phoenix

21. Oklahoma City (from Dallas)

20. Toronto

19. Chicago

18. Boston (from Atlanta via Brooklyn)

17. Phoenix (from Washington)

16. Atlanta (from Brooklyn)

15. Chicago (from Charlotte)

14. Memphis

13. Orlando (from Denver)

12. Minnesota

11. Philadelphia (from New Orleans)

10. Charlotte (from Detroit)

09. Denver (from New York)

08. Cleveland

07. Boston

06. Utah

05. LA Lakers

04. Sacramento

03. Orlando

02. Philadelphia

01. Milwaukee

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