Loss to San Antonio signals the start of Boston's All-Star break

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics played San Antonio tough but ended up taking the loss, 104-92. Here are three quick takeaways from tonight's action.


Over the past couple of games, Kelly Olynyk has really shown that he's starting to get used to playing NBA basketball. The rookie notched the first double-double of his career on Monday night in Milwaukee and nearly had his second after just one half of play tonight against the Spurs. KO went into the locker room with a solid 10 points and 6 rebounds and continued to bring intensity throughout the second half.

Whether it was putting his head down and driving to the basket, rebounding his own misses at the free throw line, or remaining active on defense, Olynyk was willing to work as hard as he could whenever he was on the floor. That's all you can really ask for during a season like this one and it's refreshing to see him taking advantage of the opportunities he's been afforded to show everyone that he is actually improving.

Ultimately, Olynyk would end with a solid 15 points and 9 boards.

Cs starters struggle...

With the exception of Rajon Rondo, Brad Stevens' starting five really struggled from the get-go this evening as Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, and Jared Sullinger - who had his double-double streak ended - combined for just 32 points on 20-50 shooting from the floor.

Rondo, on the other hand, was nearly perfect in tallying his 16 points - 12 of which came from beyond the arc at an 80 percent clip. Still, it wasn't until the fourth quarter that Rondo broke the double digit barrier and the same can be said for Bass.

It obviously goes without saying that, even in their depleted state, you have to produce more than that against a team like the San Antonio Spurs.

...Bench comes alive

The bench, however, had a really nice showing in the minutes they spent battling Gregg Popovich's Spurs.

Jerryd Bayless finished with 9 points, 9 assists (a career-high), and 5 rebounds, Kris Humphries with 15 and 6, and, as I mentioned above, Olynyk with 15 and 9.

As crazy as it sounds, these three guys were the most responsible for keeping the game as close as it was. It's unfortunate that their efforts were wasted in what would wind up being a pretty bad loss thanks to a big San Antonio fourth quarter.

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