My Trade proposal BOS-GSW-HOU

It is trade season and this is my idea for a trade. This trade makes so much sense for everyone involved but I doubt this ever happens.

Boston out: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, 2014 1st Rd from Brooklyn/Atlanta, 2015 1st Rd Pick from Clippers
Boston in: Harrison Barnes, Omer Asik, Kent Bazemore, Houston 2014 2nd Rd Draft Pick from Knicks, Golden State 2015 2nd round Draft Pick
For Boston: We get a young building block with loads of potential with Harrison Barnes, A defensive center that we have been lacking for like forever. We save a year off of Jeff Green's contract allowing us to be more of a player for the 2015 free agency and also allow us cap space to resign Rondo and our other free agents. The only down side that I can see is that our depth at Shooting guard becomes non-existent. In fact we are down to D-leaguer Chris Johnson, Bayless and "Gerald Wallace" as our only shooting guards. Also, we would probably have to give up the Brooklyn/Atlanta 2014 pick but the way I see it, Harrison Barnes is a better player than anyone we can get at that pick so we are getting good value back along with cap savings.

GSW out: David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Mareese Speights, Kent Bazemore, 2015 2nd round Draft Pick
GSW in:
Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Jeremy Lin, 2015 Clippers 1st rd Pick
For Golden State: They get back to their most successful lineup during the 2013 playoffs but add veteran savvy along with Jeff Green's athleticism. Their most successful lineup in last year's playoffs involved Barnes as a power forward and Jeff Green will be a perfect replacement for Barnes in that role. Imagine a lien up of Curry-Thompson-Iggy-Green or Bass-Bogut. They can have one of the strongest forward rotation in the league with Bass Iggy and Green subbing for each other.
This trade also gives them that second guard that they desperately miss when they let Jarret Jack go. Lin would keep defenses honest even when Curry sits down and can allow Curry to play off the ball where he is also very effective. Let's not forget that Lin is a local guy that will boost ticket sales( Not that they need it. GSW has one of the craziest fans in the league)

Houston out: Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, 2014 2nd Round Draft Pick
Houston in: David Lee, Mareese Speights, Avery Bradley, Atlanta/Brooklyn 2014 1st rd Pick
For Houston: Houston desperately needs depth. David Lee gives them that because he can stretch the floor, rebound and score as their power forward. With David Lee, Houston will have one of the scariest starting fives in the league. If you do not want to disrupt Chemistry he can anchor the bench and be one of the best sixth men in the league. For people concerned about his weakness(defense), Dwight Howard helps mitigate that.
Speaking of defense, perimeter defense is one of the greatest weakness of Houston because of Harden and Lin's deficiencies. With Bradley, you have a 2nd team all defense guard that can take on the tougher cover and hide Harden, ala Nash. On offense, Harden is very good in finding cutters which should benefit Avery.
Speights may be a throw in but he can play. He adds depth at the power forward position but he can also slide in at center( He is taller than Dwight Howard). With Omer leaving and Greg Smith injured, Their going to need that extra big to deal with western conference giants.
Houston's only problem is that with this trade, they are taking on a ton of salary with David Lee's extra year. (although they are paying about the same with Lin and Asik's poison pill contracts). The way I see it when you build a super team by getting Howard in free agency, and Harden through a major trade, you are obligated to go all in. This is a roster with real championship potential and the luxury tax is a small price to pay for the opportunity to compete for a title.

So, that is my proposed trade. Again, I doubt it will happen but for me this is a best case scenario for all. What do you guys think?

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