Valentine's day - Share the 'Love'



Just for fun, three theoretical trades for Kevin 'Love'

Trade 1:

Boston gets:

Kevin Love

Dennis Schroder

Boston gets its All-star, and a young PG to develop under Brad Stevens.

Hawks get:

Rajon Rondo

Jared Sullinger

2015 First round draft pick from L.A. Clippers

Atlanta is the facilitator, as they give up 2 all-star quality veterans. They get younger, as the tank is on.

They also get a first round pick next year.

Wolves get:

Paul Millisap

Kyle Korver

2014 First round draft pick from Philadelphia

Why? Because they want to resign Rubio to max, or something like that.

When I first heard about this, (like Love) I was annoyed; but at this point, even with Kahn fired) the damage is done.

Give Adelman something to work with, the potential 2014 pick in a loaded draft facilitates this.

Trade 2:

Boston gets:

Kevin Love

Chase Budinger

Boston gets the all-star, and a decent bench option, while loading up for their 2014 draft pick (hopefully a SF).

Wolves get:

David Lee

Gerald Wallace

2014 First round pick from Brooklyn, and the Second round Pick from Sacramento in 2015

Wolves get a cheaper option for an offensive double-double PF, and a forward that plays defense.

They also reload for the loaded 2014 draft, yes Boston has to give up more, but they also dump a bad contract in Wallace.

Warriors get:

Jeff Green

Jared Sullinger

Warriors get younger, and the cap space they need to resign Klay Thompson. You could theoretically throw in a draft pick back to the Wolves, or a rookie to make things interesting, but the important thing is their ability to retain their talent, without worrying about the cap, something often overlooked by championship contenders (look at the Harden situation in OKC).

Trade 3:

Celtics get:

Kevin Love

Dante Cunningham

An expiring contract and their all-star, in exchange for 'two stars' with far lower ceiling than Love.

Why give up so much? Because you keep all of your draft-rights/picks, and you give up two guys that will simply create problems for Brad Stevens. You reload a point guard in the loaded draft, as it is a safer position than the highly coveted Wiggins/Parker/Embiid.

Alternatively, you trade Sullinger for one, since at this point, you could even trade with Houston for Lin and Asik as short term solutions and dump your bad Humphries/Wallace contracts on them.

Pistons get:

Rajon Rondo

Jeff Green

Pistons solve the Monroe/Smith/Drummond dilemma in the best possible way, and get an all-star point guard in the process.

They do this, because the make out like bandits, and the new coach looks good. Ironically, this probably still doesn't put them in championship contention.

Wolves get:

Josh Smith

Brandon Jennings

Wolves get a two stars, and theoretically play a two point guard system. This would be a desperate trade on their end, but Love could force their hand.

Happy Valentine's day!

Enjoy All-Star Weekend!

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