Love 2 Boston This Offseason

This would all take place in the off season.

Celtics get Kevin Love

Blazers get Jeff Green and Kelly Olynyk and Clippers 1st rounder

T-wolves get Batum and Sullinger and multiple drafts picks (this years ATL/Nets pick and the Sixers picks)

This all depends on how well Trailblazer do in the playoffs. If they kinda have a disappointing showing by the team then they might wanna shake things up. Trailblazers have a very good bench but most of the scoring falls on Mo William, and he is getting older so they may look to add some more scoring on their bench. Sure they have McCollum, but the offense they get from the frontcourt off the bench is pretty weak. Adding Kelly would give them a player that can play that six man role and also giving Aldridge and Lopez breather contributing quality minutes with his offense. Jeff Green is definitely a step down from Batum, but by putting him in his more comfortable role as the 3rd option he may provide even more offensive explosion and athleticism then he did wit the Celtics or atleast be more efficient. The Trailblazers live and die by the three, and both Jeff Green and Olynyk are capable of hitting that shot so it would contribute to that offense even more and help them keep the title of best offense in the league following next year.

The reason I think the T-wolves do this is that it reloads there team with a very respectable starting line-up and it lets Corey Brewer come off the bench where he was very good at last year for Denver averaging over 12 points in only 25 minutes. But most of all this deal offers hope for the future with a well rounded roster much like the Carmello trade did for the Denver Nuggets back in 2011.

Take a look

PG- Rubio

SG- Kevin Martin


PF- Sully

C- Pekovic

I think this team would be a solid .500 team and have a high ceiling with the growth of Rubio, Sully, and the veteranship of Kevin Martin and Batum. Not to mention the mid-1st rounder they would receive that might prove to be a very valuable player in a stacked draft.

The Celtics can start a new chapter igniting there push to be a contender for the coming years as Rondo and Loves careers play out. They would be able to keep most of there picks they gathered up from last offseason either to harvest new talent or to trade in for role players to add to the roster and inch closer to banner 18. Of course are roster would not make sense right away but with a few signings and a few extra moves a team with the foundation of Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love will immediately pose a threat in the East. This of course would only work if Kevin was committed to resign with the Celtics.

Please tell me what you think?

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