"WE'RE MIRRORS OF EACH OTHER." Magic Johnson on Larry Bird

In The Association, Cs and Lakers are at the bottom,

Injuries? New guys? Sad record? Both got 'em.

Talk about lottery picks and deliberate tankings--

Rivalries can happen anywhere in the rankings!

Happy Birthday, Rondo (tomorrow), your cake can be green,

Since you weren't swallowed up (phew) in that trade machine.

No Nash; last minute decision, Gasol will play.

Kobe's angry "psycho competitor" Blake was sent away.

Imagine how Brad felt on his first Trade Deadline Day

When his entire team could have been traded away!

GREEN FOR THREE! Inspired! Plays better on the road,

Home crowd pressure seems to make him implode.

Rondo to Green, glorious alley-oop!

Gasol the most reliable in the Lakers group.

Two quick steals by Olynyk, ball movement, touch pass,

All the guys stayed with it, the job was finished by Bass!

To beat the shot clock, RONDO FOR THREE!

Johnson's energy and enthusiasm is fun to see.

On 48% shooting, Cs up 9 to start Q2,

Lakers a 9-0 run on just what Kaman can do.

Pressey is auditioning to be backup PG,

Still question whether that is what he can be.

Tough game to watch, Cs up 2 end Q2,

GREEN FOR THREE! So much he can do!

In one month MarShon is on team number three,

With D'Antoni's Lakers he can shoot, play no D.

Simmons (with Gorman) telling stories galore,

Not analyzing the not-much-happening on the floor.

Sully continues to work hard on the glass,

Gathering himself well at the hoop is Bass.

Wallace and Bayless great give and go,

Cs Bench sparking a game that was painfully slow.

Cs up 11 to start Q4,

Bass the best C on the floor.

Lakers suddenly went on their "quarterly" run,

MarShon stared down our Bench on the tying one.

WOW! Kaman's (?) Lakers are suddenly on fire,

Thanks to Farmar, and MarShon, their new hire.

Refs no more calls for the Cs, Lakers shot after shot,

Brad yelling on the sideline, happy he's not.

Kaman threw Sully hard to the floor.

Brad positive, encouraged the guys to score!

Alternating quarters we play the same,

2 bad, 2 good won't win the game.

Bazemore played his first game as a Laker,

Suddenly he became a reliable shot maker.

Somehow Farmar outplayed Rondo in Q4!

The Lakers bench continued to score.

Cs lost. It's very hard to think of a positive spin.

Ainge says NOT a great draft--turns out we're in.

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