What if- PP, KG and Doc had stayed this year for one last ride, before heading off into the sunset?

Let’s be realistic. It would have been very ugly to watch [ almost uglier than it is to watch now ] as there would have been PP and KG not being given the rest they need, particularly KG, and the vets would have been driven into the ground, or worse, injured, by the beginning of the first round exit of the playoffs, as per Doc’s playing his veterans in order to secure a win at any cost, while under utilizing a very weak bench [ no cap space to find a couple of diamonds-in-the-rough ].

PP would have had to play point, pretty much until Rondo’s return, and until he would be 100% again, just prior to the one and done playoffs, yet again, since there would not have been any money available to bring in a decent back up point guard, to start until RR’s return.

Leading into 2015, and beyond, and the draft, we wouldn’t have had a bushel of picks, along with the trade exemption and cap space in order to rebuild, and the rebuilding process would have been a lot bleaker than it is today.
Doc likely would leave next year after another also-ran year, and KG and possibly PP would retire, leaving us with far fewer rebuilding options.

Is that really the scenario that would have been preferred, instead of the one we currently enjoy [ suffer through ]?

I, for one, am in tune with the current rebuilding that is taking place, and am satisfied with the progress being made of a number of fronts.

We now have a potentially great rookie coach who will be a veteran by next year, along with a number of key players who are developing and improving [ sometimes incrementally, but improving, nonetheless ] along with a lot of options for the coming draft and trade period in the off season.

We will also have a much better idea by the end of this season, after playing a 1/3 of a season with an almost healthy Rondo, who we’d really want to keep and who we’d like to trade moving on, and who can be used in a potential trade package, along with some of our bundle of picks [ that we otherwise wouldn’t have available ] to acquire one or two top tier players to help round out the team next year, or at worst, the year after.


Lionel Gaffen/ Fotomix.

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