Ainge will trade this year's Celtic number #1 pick.......

The Celtics have a high draft pick in the works. Australia, Cameroon, eastern Europe, even a couple of kids from name it. Message boards rage with analysis, who will they get? Can he play?

There is only one way it will eventually get done around here and it is the "Auerbach way."

School is in session.

Red got them all by hook or by crook. "Defensive center who can score."

They all were high first that a surprise? One thing is different, Russell and Cowens were 22 years old. Parish had started for three years at Golden State...Auerbach traded the #1 overall for the Chief.

Auerbach picked Ainge twice, once to play and, years later to run the team. He assumed Ainge would "get it" and, as usual, Red Auerbach was right. Ainge got a "defensive big who could score" in Kevin Garnett.

With that step complete.....Ainge "built" the championship team.
Rondo didn't need to be a scorer...just a passer.
Perkins didn't need to score...just fill the lane and take some abuse away from Garnett.
Ainge had assembled three of the best shooters in league history.

Back to today:

It is a team sport, it is not the "Boston Rondo's" or, before 2007, "the Boston Pierce's." The addition of a 20 year old college star this summer might help no matter his draft position, but, what Ainge must do is get a big. And he will by trading any player and any pick summer 2014 or 2015.

Ainge's 2013/14 Celtics are "built" to get a draft pick....will this draft pick get traded for Robert Parish or Ray Allen?

Dave Cowens still holds the Seminole's record for rebounds. He was the 4th pick overall. There isn't a player like Dave Cowens in this draft. Four years at Florida State...19 ppg and 17 rebounds a game?

Aldridge or Kevin Love or whomever are not "gambles." Ainge will trade the #1 overall this year in a New York minute if there is any team who wants to "develop" a potential star in return for a proven NBA center.

Ainge will stick with the "Auerbach way" because it works.

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