What are our potential options leading up to draft night and beyond, in order to put us in a position to vie for banner 18 and beyond?

Almost everything that I've been reading is based on who we can pick up in the draft, or how we can trade for Love, etc., in order to vie for banner 18 and beyond.

What I haven't been seeing is what potential combinations can we come up with via both the draft and potential trade[s].

It most likely won't be one or the other, but a combination of the two, draft and trade, that will lead us to our stated goal.

It will only be leading up to the draft, and how the ping pong balls fall, will there be any chance of realistically beginning to plan what to do leading up to the draft, and beyond.

If we land in the 1-3 position, Ainge will have X number of options going into the draft - trade and take a higher number in exchange for player Y + pick no.4-7, e.g. If we land in the 4-7 + spot, who do we pick, and what will begin to be the potential trade options, in order to bring in a complementary piece or two to Rondo? Will we be able to use the Bkln./ Atl. pick combined with our own in order to get a better pick, and/or trade for someone?

Will we be able to use our excellent trade exception - about 12 mil., combined with a pick or two [ if possible ] and/or an expiring contract, or two, in order to sign a max player, to go along with whoever we pick in the draft?

Will we be able to combine a couple of our future draft picks [ we have so many options ] with player XY, in order to get player Y, to go along with who we've already drafted?

These are all potential questions, and I'm sure I'm only covering a limited number of potential scenarios.

There are going to be a number of months leading up to the draft, and I really don't expect anything of great note taking place leading up to the ping pong ball game, but just want to point out that we're really involved in a very challenging and exciting game of chess, with innumerable variables.

That is to say, we can envision scenarios and dream all we want, but the reality is, that nobody at this point in time has any real idea of what is going to happen, and all we're really going to be going through in the coming months are endless rounds of speculation.

Let's enjoy the coming months watching this rebuilding season come to and end without any more injuries, and watch the continuing development of both our new coaching staff, our rookies and sophomores, Rondo's continuing rehabilitation, and how the team interaction continues, and continue to dream on toward a great future.


Lionel Gaffen/ Fotomix.

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