Lets revisit the idea of Hayward

Reading some of the Jazz blogs, Haywards value is starting to cool off a little and it seems like Jazz fans aren't so keen on overpaying him and with the right luck in the draft, would let him walk.

But Hayward is a really good player. As productive as Green, but Hayward does not dissapear. He's clearly the best player on his team right now and is therefore double-teamed and paid special attention. He is also only in his fourth year of his NBA career and still getting better and learning how to be a #1 option.

Lets think back to the days he played with a productive frontcourt (Jefferson and Millsap). I would argue that Sully is as good as Jefferson and Bass 80% of Millsap. What made Hayward so effective is that he could play off the ball and especially off of Jefferson in the post (high or low). Jefferson would often get doubled and could kick it out to the wing, swing it to the corner for a good look at a three from Hayward.

As Sully turns into a star in the post, Hayward can be that 2nd option on the wing. It would be perfect.
Rondo needs smart players around him to be able to maximize his talent and others. Rondo himself has called Avery a very smart player. Sullinger and Olynyk are very smart, high BBIQ players. You can tell this because they are productive despite their lack of athleticism. Unfortnuately, the weak link is Jeff Green who is just not a smart BBIQ player. He is all athleticism. I think Hayward, under Stevens, with Rondo, Bradley, Bass and Sullinger would be the right fit.
How to become contenders:

This starting 5 above is good enough to make us a 6-8 seed in the weak east. As Rondo returns to form, he will undoubtedly become a triple-double threat on a daily basis. Avery has shown that he is blossoming into a very good two way player. Bass is just a solid role player who can defend, knock down shots and do the small things. Sullinger is the wildcard. To me it's clear. He is a star in the making. He is our own Kevin Love, our own LaMarcus Aldridge. He has the talent and the buring fire to win.

The final piece comes from the unexpected. If we trade Jeff by the deadline for an expiring and a low pick (lets say the minimum value would be Jeff+Bogans for Okafor and the Blazers pick) we have enough cap space with Hump expiring to put in a decent offer on Hayward and Bradley, stay under the tax and net a pick in the process.
Now of course Danny will need to draft very well. We have three picks. Lets say two turn out to be productive players. We then play out next season 2014-15 with our core and a bunch of guys with potential on the bench. At the trade deadline or end of next year we are looking at our core PLUS the following (my realistic picks/not ideal):

2014 Celtics pick (Exum)
2014 Nets pick (Willy C-S)
2014 Blazers pick (Wayne Seldon)
Kelly Olynyk
Vitor Favarani
Chris Johnson
2015 Celtics 1st
2015 Clippers 1st
Wallace near-expiring

This is when you make the next big move based upon our greatest need. Danny will have the first half of 2014-15 to really evaluate our core plus the young guns. Perhaps Sully plays very well at the 5 and we can go get a Serge Ibaka type to player the 4. Maybe Sully is a beast on 4's but needs a shot blocking defensive 5. Maybe we need a couple of role guys off the bench. I know the free agent class of 2015 is really stacked, but the more likely move is a trade. We will have the assets to go after a star nearing free agency in hopes of resigning him. Perhaps we can realistically get a Marc Gasol type, or maybe there is a better option out there.
This is how you rebuild!

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