My Rebuild

I have a 2-prong plan for rebuilding the team, either this summer or in 2015. I try to become a playoff team next season, which shouldn’t be real hard in the NBA East. This make us more attractive to FAs and other players.

Once we know our draft position, which I assume will be outside the top 3, I trade the pick with Jeff Green to acquire Omar Asik (and Houston's late 1st rd Pick). Then in the draft, I take 2 BAA – I’m looking for athletes and shooters. During FA, I try to acquire Loul Deng from Cleveland. Rumors are he doesn't want to resign in Cleveland. I’d offer a couple of late 1st rd picks (LAC and 1 of the Nets) and sign Deng to a 4yr/40-45M contract using our TPE. Cleveland might decline the deal, but it’s what they got when Bron left. I tender Bradley and hope he doesn’t get a big offer from another team; I might offer him a 3yr/15-16M contract but no more – I feel confident in his resigning for the tender, due to another injury marred season. I also need another shooter, preferably a SG Jodie Meeks, Alan Anderson, Anthony Morrow or ????, If I’m not able to obtain Deng, then I also need a SF but on a 1 yr /short money contract. Rondo and Asik give us 2 quality players at key positions. If we acquire Deng, I have a very good defensive foundation. Further, I expect Sully to be greatly improved next season by having a summer to work on his game and weight. If I’m the Celtics, I highly recommend that he lose 20-25 lbs this summer.

Starting Lineup A Starting Lineup B

Asik Asik

Sully Sully

Deng FA

Rondo Rondo

Bradley Bradley

My reserves are Anthony, Fav, Iverson (?), Bass, Pressey, GW, FA, 2 1st RD picks …. I believe either team should make the playoffs in the East.

If we get a Top 3 pick that changes things, in that we’d have to take the pick either Parker or Wiggins. I would still try to get Asik still using Green but including 2 1st round picks. I’d try to protect the picks, if possible and give them up in different years. If we were to get Imbiid, things change again and I’m not sure how to proceed. I guess we’d use the OKC method, and let our young player develop over 2-3 years to become a playoff team and then a contender.

In 2015 using Team A and B, I have to resign both Rondo and Asik, but we’d have Cap Space (20M) as most of our other contracts expire and I waive GW using the stretch provision – adding 6M to our cap space. I have roughly 40M committed to salaries, which includes Deng,Sully, KO, 2-4 1st Round pick and Cap holders for Rondo and Asik, and GW cap hit; if we can’t acquire Deng, I have another 10M in cap spae. That does not include Bradley. I believe that I can sign FA to a near Max contract without going over the Cap and then resign both Rondo and Asik as their previous contracts are the cap holders (Rondo 13.0 and Asik 8.5) and we are able to go over the Cap to sign them. At least, that’s the way I read the CBAFAQs. Team A above really only needs some tweeking, maybe signing KLove or Aldridge (pipe dream) or a big time SG letting Bradley go or bringing him back as a combo guard, which I think is his best fit. On Team B, I need an All-Star quality SF either by trade, draft of FA. I won’t try to speculate on who might be available, because things can change quickly. But I have options, assets, and lots of draft picks.

Anyway, that’s my attempt at rebuilding.

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