A Kevin Love trade that makes sense

Using our war chest of young players and draft picks to trade for Kevin Love in isolation does not work. Rondo & Love together could be a very good combination, but that's not a championship team. They need a solid help defender to protect the rim and a go to scorer.

So envision this:

Trade 1: On draft night, the Celtics selecting at #5 chose Julius Randle. In a surprise move, the Celtics send a package of Randle, Sullinger, Wallace, Anthony, 2016 Nets 1st and 2018 Nets 1st to the T-Wolves for Kevin Love.

Move 2: Celtics re-sign Avery Bradley for 4 years 22M, scaling it so that it starts at 4M in the first year. This move removes the cap hold from Avery's RFA. They renounce their rights to Humphries and Bayless and waive Bogans and potentially waive Favarani.

Trade 3: Celtics finally convince Morey to part with Asik in his final year for Jeff Green (and maybe a low value pick).

Move 4: Celtics market the prospect of a championship caliber team to Carmelo Anthony who opted out of his contract for free agency. The winning culture, coaching staff, organizational strength and the prospect of playing with Rondo and Love is just too much for Melo to pass up. Melo signs a near-max, 4 year deal with the Celtics.

The Celtics are now constructed for 2014-15 as:

Rondo, Pressey

Bradley, Johnson


Love, Bass

Asik, Olynyk, Iverson

A new big-3 era begin with Rondo, Melo and Love. Asik is the perfect big man who can start 82 games, can help on Love and Anthony but isn't asked to score. Secretly, the plan is to go big or small with Bass and/or Olynyk at the end of games to avoid Asik's horrible free throw shooting. Imagine rondo surrounded by two excellent three point shooters and two very good three point shooters at the end of games. Avery and Asik provide a defensive mentality and Stevens develops a system that works for these guys. Love and Melo can share the scoring burden. Rondo can dish assists all day long.

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