Celts Start Over-Summer Blockbuster

This trade happens after the draft:

Boston Out: Rondo, Wallace, Green, Bass

Boston In: Monroe, Jennings, Singler, Caldwell-Pope, Jerebko, Perry Jones

Detroit Out: Monroe, Jennings, Singler, Caldwell-Pope, Jerebko

Detroit In: Rondo, Wallace, Bass, Perkins

OkC Out: Perkins, Perry Jones

OkC In: Green

Why for each team:

Celts: If Rondo is going to test free agency, the Celts need to trade him asap to get the most bang for their buck and Detroit will do just that. Getting them to take Wallace's contract is a huge plus for the Celts. With Monroe, they get their Center, Jennings is a good point guard for the time being, Singler is a good shooter, Caldwell-Pope and Jones are young talent and Jerebko is salery fill. Maybe the Celts could trade Caldwell-Pope, Jones, Jerebko, their 2nd 2014 1rst round pick and the 2015 Clippers pick to Utah and get Heyward.

Detroit: They need to do something, Monroe is probably gone via some team offering a near max contract, Jennings is OK but Rondo is clearly a far better upgrade and both Bass and Perkins are good Vets. Plus with both Smith and Perkins being Rondo's friends, they have a leg up to resign him.

OKC: Green offers them the 3rd or 4th scoring option that could put them over the top. Remeber, Green's best year was with them. Green will excel as the 3rd or 4 th option, no pressure. They finally get out of the Perkins contract.

Finally, the Celts get the 4th-8th pick in the draft and depending who is available and Embiid, Parker and Wiggins are drafted, the Celts take: Exum, Vonleh, Smart, Randle or Ennis. Lets say they get the 4th pick and choose Exum.

Ater all this the Celts would look like:

PG: Jennings, Exum, Pressy

SG: Bradley, Calwell-Pope

SF: Johnson, Singler, Jones

PF: Sullinger, Olynyk, Jerebko

C: Monroe, Faverani

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