My personal idea on how the Celtics should act

I am a great fan of actual Celtics rebuilding plan and I think they could get in title contention really easily and in a short time.That's the steps they should follow in my opinion:

  • Let the rest of the season be a tanking bonanza. I think the C's never really tanked this season, they were just not good enough. Jeff Green proved not completely worthy of his contract , Gerald Green is just a mirage of the player he used to be and the rest of the team wasn't that good from the start. (Exeption made for Sullinger and Bass who outscored my expectations.) Now they have the 4th worst record of the league, which is realistically guaranteeing a top-six pick. Problem is that Utah, LA and Sacramento are not that far from our record right now, so a couple of useless victories could just transform a top-six pick in top-nine. (by the way Orlando has just 1 W less than us and has an easier schedule). I don't mean actually missing shot on purpose, but giving more time to Pressey , Olynyk and Babb wouldn't hurt that much.
  • On draft night use our #1 pick and try to move forward the Nets/Atlanta pick. In order to have cap room in the future and assets in trades tha Celtics MUST nail those picks. The first one won't probabily be hard to hit (so much outstanding talent in the top of the draft, Smart the only one i can see being a burst), but the other one will be the real deal. If you get a steal with the second one, most of the job is done. In order to move forward i think we could easily send Bass or Green togheter with the pick in order to move a couple spot up and get a second player with all star-potential.
  • Trade only for Love or restricted FAs. This year free agency is really weak in terms of top-tier prospects, as Carmelo the only great unrestricted FA. 'Melo would never join the C's at that point unless they have already a "One-missing piece" contender team and the only one to reach that status is to get another big name (Love comes obviously to mind as is the only one really available). Love at that point may turn out a steal, Minnie has to trade him with real urgency (he will leave the Twolves unless they pair him with another superstar who Minnesota can't get in any way ( a Rubio/Pekovic package could be interesting but i don't see anyone trading a top-20 or top-25 player for it)) and Boston is the team with the most assets actually interested (Lakers have their top-7 or top-8 pick and nothing else, NYK have ZERO assets).I think a package centered upon Sullinger/a Nets pick/LAC 2015 pick could be a good one for both parts, and honestly i wouldn't complain if any other player on the actual roster is thrown in (everyone but Rondo, obviously). Other trading option would be the players whose rookie contract is going to be over and whose team isn't sure to resign (Monroe could come out od DET at a discount, Waiters is probably the highest buy low prospect at the moment, Hayward could become available).
  • If Love comes go after 'Melo, otherwise stay put. If Love comes to Boston going after Melo is a necessity: a group consinting upon the two picks, Melo, Love and Rondo could just play with the Heat and the Pacers from day one. But Melo is the only FA they should get: 2015 FA class is gonna be better, and saving cap space for it is the wisest move both if Love comes or if he doesn't.
  • If nobody comes both in FA and by Trade, just don't panic. Another year of non-contention wouldn't be a problem, expecially because it would bring another lottery pick which paired with the LAC one could be great trade bait. Rondo at that point would stay anyway if the GM guarantees him to get again to contention and we would have even more cap space in free agency. (Love may actually be an Unrestricted one in that summer)

I believe Danny is doing an outstanding job, collecting all those first-rounders while adding young players to the team and I'm pretty sure the C's will be contenders after the summer of 2015.

Hope i was clear in explaining my ideas and wish to see what you think about it.

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