Alot of tough decisions are to be made once the season is over. Here are a few of the toughest.

1). Let bradley walk? if we were to get a scoring/attacking SF, and use green and a pick to get a good center then keep him on a reasonable deal. Without those components, Let him go.

2). Trade Green? Again, if we are to get wiggins (or acquire a scoring SG) and a good center, then Green will fit fine with lowered expectations. I just dont have a strong feeling one way or another on keeping him or trading him at this point.

3) Keep Hump? Assuming Bass is gone in trade, Hump is a valuable guy...but is really redundant. Both he and KO are PF/Cs in that they can play both positions, but neither is more than a backup at center position. Sully is not a 5, so this is the biggest dilemma we have IMO. If we are not able to land a true center, then he might be the fall back plan.

4) Sully. One night he looks like Kevin Love, and the next night he looks like Kevin Spacey. He gets a ton of rebounds and has a nice shot, but is a non factor in the post offense....even against bigger PFs. I do think he and KO can play together at times against second unit big man, but see #3 on that. green gets hammered for being inconsistent, but sullys offense is equally here and there.

5) Can we keep Rondo happy? Do we need to? Rondo may resign no matter what, but what if we cant add the necessary parts to make us relevant? Do we then look at a nuclear rebuild by trading with Sac or LA for more picks and maybe another young prospect?

6) Do we trade down in the draft if we cant get Exum or one of the big three? I think that might be a way to part with Wallace or Bass and/or get an additional pick.

Im sure i left a few out... But I would not want to be Danny this summer.

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