End of season awards: Who is the Celtics Least Valuable Player? (LVP)

Jared Wickerham

"Don't go away mad, just go away." - Motley Crue

If we are going to give out an MVP for this team, it is only fair to point out the LVP.  This is inherently mean but when you lose 3 games to a tanking 76ers team, I think it is warranted.  Obviously this team is full of guys that either aren't there yet or simply aren't suited for the role they are in.  But who was the least valuable?

Bill Sy

This is easily Keith Bogans. After hearing so much about how much of a veteran leader he was in other locker rooms, I really thought he was going to come in here with a great attitude and guide this young team in the rebuild. Instead, he pouted his way into DNP's and a fat pay day.


Keith Bogans. He could have been a role model for the younger players and he could have filled a role off the bench and in practice and instead he turned out to be a whiner. I had heard that he was a true professional but he has been anything but professional this season.


Joel Anthony, I dont think thier is any other player on the roster least valuable.

Alex Skillin

Gerald Wallace. Wallace's season was cut short due to injury, but even when he did play, the 31-year-old was a shell of his former self. Off the court, he was vocal in his complaints to the media, something that couldn't have been easy for Brad Stevens or a young Celtics team to deal with. Given his large contract, Wallace will likely be back with Boston next year, though he should become an attractive trade chip with his contract expiring when the 2015-16 season rolls around.

Tim MacLean

Instead of going with the obvious choice in Jeff Green, I'm going to award Avery Bradley with the LVP.

Bradley didn't do himself, or the Celtics, any favors this year by spending a solid portion of the year riding the pine with a multitude of different injuries.

While he did show improvement on the offensive side of the ball (i.e. three-point jumper, mid-range pull-up), his continued absence from the line-up hurt his chances at earning the kind of contract he's apparently seeking. I wouldn't be surprised if the Celtics either let him walk or tried to trade him this offseason. However, it also wouldn't be shocking if they re-signed him.

He's obviously a solid player but his injury history concerns me and he didn't do much this year to ease my nerves.

Kevin O'Connor

Keith Bogans: There is no other choice. Keith Bogans played in only six games, whined, and left the team. Despite having a horrendous record, this roster has amazing chemistry, but Bogans didn't want to ride the season out. Funny thing is, he probably would've been able to receive playing time considering the trades and injuries, but instead he went home. Good thing he didn't take the ball with him.

Jeff Clark

Hard to argue with the crowd here.  Keith Bogans made $843,033 per game played this year (6).  [Drops mic]

So who do you think was the least valuable?

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