End of Season Awards: What was your favorite moment of the season?

“Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it.” ― Sarah Ban Breathnach

The past season was long and hard to endure sometimes, but there were moments that made it all worth it. Here are a few that the staff picked out.

Alex Skillin

Jeff Green's buzzer-beating three to beat Miami. It seems like a long time ago when Jeff Green made that improbable three-pointer to beat the Heat at the buzzer, but it still remains the moment of the season for the Celtics. It was a good reminder of why sports and fandom can still be a rewarding experience even if your team has a down year.

Kevin O'Connor

On January 26th, the Boston Celtics lost 85-79 in a relatively boring game, but that night was my favorite of the season because Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett made their return to TD Garden. Both video tributes were fantastic and the fans were too, screaming their lungs out and clapping their hands as hard as they could. But my single favorite moment came at the end of Pierce's tribute video. Right after the video finished, the Celtics appropriately played "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire, which is one of my favorite songs. It always makes me feel happy about living, breathing, and existing. And in that moment, I was so happy to be amongst 18,000 other people who were feeling the same as me. That song, combined with the emotion of Pierce and Garnett's return, made for a moment of bliss in my life. That's what I live for.

Bill Sy

There are some obvious ones that I'm sure other people will mention like Pierce and KG's return, Rondo's first game back, or JG's dagger three in Miami, but I'll go with a little something more obscure. Is it just me or does everyone love it when you can hear Brad Stevens call out "good...good...good" on the bench when the team is making the right rotation on defense or the extra pass for any open shot?


Jeff Green's shot over LeBron to win the game vs the Heat early in the year.


Greens buzzer beater beating the Heat in Miami.

Tim MacLean

I'm probably forgetting a couple of major moments and, naturally, I won't remember them until after I submit this. With that said, though, my favorite moment of the 2013-14 season was when Sully notched the first 20-plus rebound game of his career.

Not only did Jared control the boards but he also dropped 25 points on an even 50 percent shooting from the floor. Sullinger played 39 minutes that night at home against Toronto and might have been able to pad his stats a bit more had he not been in foul trouble. Nonetheless, the performance was one to remember and it showed both the Celtics and fans of the team that the future is very bright for the big man out of Ohio State.

It was the best game of his short NBA career but it's one that I won't soon forget.

Jeff Clark

I'm gonna cheat and call this a tie.

The Paul Pierce tribute video was probably 1A because I'm a sentimental pushover. I miss Paul Pierce so much.  Kevin Garnett too, but mostly Pierce.

1B goes to the Jeff Green buzzer beater. It was just a bump in the road for the Heat and maybe they'll go on to win the title and Green could be traded at any time.... but we'll always have that moment. in that moment, we beat the King. David slew Goliath. The Celtics knocked off the Heat and provided the NBA with the play of the year.

So what was your favorite moment? What other moments are we forgetting?

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