End of Season Awards: What was your biggest frustration?

Jared Wickerham

Gotta take the bad with the good.

Not all memories are fond ones.  Especially not this year.  Our staff shares some of our frustrations from the year.

Tim MacLean

You mean besides the 57 losses?

[Editor's note: I considered writing in "Drops mic" and ending the article right there.  But these other fine writers worked on this too, so I figured I'd give them a voice as well. -- Jeff]

Alex Skillin

The second half of the season has been hard to watch, especially as the roster's shortcomings have only grown more apparent. With that said, Ainge knew and acknowledged this team was flawed from the get-go. Hopefully next year's squad, even if they still miss out on the playoffs, is better balanced and begins to show the makings of a future contender.

Bill Sy

I wrote about this earlier in the week, but I just don't know who this team is yet. It's early, but Stevens hasn't really defined their style of play yet. There have been mixed reviews in how he's incorporated Rajon Rondo into the mix and he's eased Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk's transitions with limited playing time. We've seen glimpses of a motion offense that looks a lot like the Spurs, but it'll be interesting to see how Stevens adapts with more talent through the draft and what kind of free agent he can attract.


For the most part, I've enjoyed watching this team this season. They have played hard most of the time. I guess the only thing that I get frustrated with is Jeff Green's disappearing act. He is capable of much more.


Celtics played small ball and without a legit center once again.

Kevin O'Connor

Nothing really grinds my gears about this team. The team is bad and will likely get a top draft pick, yet they play with heart each and every night. Danny Ainge made a few trades, which I think will help the team in the future. And Brad Stevens is developing as a coach, so I really have nothing to whine about. I guess, if I had to choose something, I'd say that I wish Ainge could've made another trade or two. Whether it was for Asik, or unloading another contract for assets, but that's only a minor gripe.

Jeff Clark

Lack of original storylines.  Maybe this was a symptom of my lack of creativity, but it just seemed like this year was one album being played on repeat over and over again.  Monday: Tanking story. Tuesday: Jeff Green debates. Wednesday: Trade rumors or ideas. Thursday: Laments about lack of offense or defense.  Friday: Rajon Rondo returning/leaving/staying/playing/notplaying.  Weekend: Deep thoughts.  Monday, start the process over again.  I'm rather enjoying the offseason even though it is harder to come up with new material because I feel like I have more creative options to explore.

So what about you?  What was your biggest frustration this season?

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