The impact made on Clippers decision to play the game out yesterday

Many rattling emotions and tension was built up in the minds of the Clippers' players Sunday afternoon. Decisions were being weighed upon on whether the game should have been played. The comments made left a black eye image for the NBA. The concluding game wasn't played at Staples Center, thankfully. Giving the sake of fans supporting the team to dampen.

Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Blake Griffin. The 3 main black stars on the roster had a lot on their plate regarding their confidence about playing. But everyone kept the game goal and mindset. "Play the game." This ground breaking decision meant a lot to the league. Knowing that 1 racist owner will not dictate the fortitude of a team's plan.

Before the game, while the Clippers players were warming up. The image of wearing their warm-up jerseys and gear turned inside-out. Covering up the cursive lettering symbolizing the team, shielded away from the public eye. Gave notice to the entire media. With anything becoming a burden on someone. The individual or for this instance a collective team, feels weighted down by an overwhelming guilt.

Game 4 wasn't the way Los Angeles planned out. From the start, their heads were somewhere else, minds forgotten. That's what the impact left upon is felt like when a big backyard bully sends a statement to the neighborhood child. Disabling their ability to have rights, taking the inhabitants away from them by a forceful hand. Donald Sterling imposed himself on the franchise for years like that. When David Stern was present as GM, Sterling made racist and belligerent remarks often years prior. Nothing was done.

Not saying Stern did a poor job on the matter. He should have been open of stopping Sterling before comments like this would have been leaked out. Now it is Adam Silver's turn, his 1st true assessment on testing his leadership and honesty as the new General Manager. Actions taken are mandatory, Sterling pushes himself as a pessimist dictator, refuting against unbiased authority. Fining the man $1 million won't do anything. The guy is a billionaire as it is.

The precautions and mandates taken should be enforced in a strict fashion. Either Adam Silver unites the other 29 NBA owners to force him out of basketball. (This is an extremely rigid manner to do). You can't just fire an owner?

Or by other means necessary try to file under the legal system to be banned from basketball for life. Donald Sterling can't hide anymore from the nation. He is now a suspect and labeled as a racist. Making his image ever so growing with deceitful and envy. Rules should be pushed, boards broken. The fight back shown by Clippers' players Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan reveal the shame they felt of playing for a hideous, over ruling man.

Sadly, racism is a major setback to the country 55 years after it was forgotten. A thorn to the nation's figure. Expect a strong turn out in the return back to Staples Center. Broken images regarding this are tough to overcome. In time, hopefully the organization and others can stand up to take it away forever.

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