How the Celtics can get Drummond

If the Celts don't have the luck of the Irish this year and fall to 5-7 pick in the first round in the 2014 NBA Draft, I think they should try to pull off the fireworks that Wyck talked about and get Drummond from Detroit. He would be the centerpiece of the trade but in this package we also get Stephenson from Indiana. All this without giving up any draft picks! So how can this be done, you ask? This is a three team trade between Boston, Detroit and Indiana..

Cetics get:

From Detroit: Drummond, Singler, Jerebko;

From Indiana: Stephenson

Pistons get:

From Boston: Rondo, Bass

From Indiana: Hibbert, E. Turner(Sign & Trade)

Pacers get:

From Detroit: Monroe, Caldwell-Pope

From Boston: Green, Bradley(Sign & Trade) and 2015 First Round Pick from Clippers

Why each team does this:

Boston gets the rim protector it desperately needs and a go to scorer in Stephenson. Singler is a three point specialist and Jerebko is an added big and salary filler. The Celtics can then add pieces in the draft like Gordon with their first pick and a point guard like Napier with their second first round pick.

Detroit gets a more veteran team with Rondo, Hibbert, Turner and Bass, yes they give up their young big in Drummond but get two all-stars in Rondo and Hibbert. Turner moves to SF which allowe J. Smith to play his natural PF.

Indiana gets a more skilled offensive big in Monroe, yes they lose some D from losing Hibbert but adding Bradley can help. their D in other ways. They also get some needed points off the bench from Green and Pope. I see Green winning the sixth man of the year with them.

In this trade scenario, every team loses a valuable piece but also gets back some valuable pieces!

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