A left turn, when everyone's going right

You know what rarely ever happens? Teams who win the lottery by getting a top 3 pick never trade that pick. So lets think of an interesting scenario where the celtics land the lottery pick AND trade it away.

Lets just say for sake of argument, team X wins the lottery and selects Embiid and team Y selects Parker. The Celtics, selecting 3rd, grab Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins has the potential to be a star in this league. Teams really value star potential. Teams also really value players that increase interest in the team and thus earnings for the team's ownership.

So which team would potentially over pay for a chance to land the first CANADIAN star? Oh, hey Raptors!

What if Danny Ainge could work a trade that included Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Olynyk (two potential Canadian stars) for the Raptors two star wing players in Demar DeRozan and Terrance Ross while unloading Wallace's contract?

Here's the deal: The Raptors were suppose to be rebuilding. So why not steer the ship back to a rebuild? The Raptors have taken on quite a few mid-range mid-term contracts that they are going to need to wait out in Novak, Fields, Hayes and Salmons. They aren't going to win next year, so there isn't a ton of harm to take on Wallace's contract.

For the Celtics, you take an unknown quantity in Wiggins and turn him into a known scorer in DeRozan. Ross will be going into his third year next year and is already one of the premier young perimeter guys. By using Wallace's contract to bring in DeRozan, the Celtics could still add one more piece. They could sign AB as a backup SG and could still use future picks, Bass and Anthony to bring in a Center, such as Asik.

Your 2014-15 Celtics could look like this:

Rajon Rondo (Triple-double threat)

Demar DeRozan (20+ ppg scorer)

Avery Bradley (back-up 3&D SG)

Terrance Ross (Athletic catch-and-shoot scorer)

Jeff Green (3-4 option on offense)

Jared Sullinger (post scorer/stretch-4)

Kris Humphries (3rd Big off the bench resigned for 2yr $12M

Omer Asik (Defensive Center)

Phil Pressey (Back-up PG)

Chris Johnson (5th guard)

Vitor Favarani/Colton Iverson (4th Big)

17th Pick in 2014 draft (Wildcard)

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