Waiting for the fireworks to begin

Jared Wickerham

Put this season out of its misery.

What an odd, trying, confusing, interesting, and ultimately tiring season this has been.

There have been some high points to be sure.  Beating the Heat twice felt really, really good.  Watching several guys take steps forward in their development was really nice (including Sullinger, Olynyk, Pressey, and Brad Stevens).  Seeing Rondo back on the court and looking much like the old Rajon has been a relief.  Seeing the team compete hard for most nights has been encouraging.  And as painful as the process has been, it is nice to know that we'll be getting a high draft pick for our troubles.

But none of that has made the long season of losses all that easy to watch.

From the start the roster was unbalanced and there was a sense that we were waiting for the other shoe to drop.  We're still kind of waiting but we're really not sure what it is we're waiting for.  The experts told us that we had to trade Rondo to be bad.  Nope, he wasn't traded and we were still bad.  He still might be traded this offseason but I kinda think that they'll go in the other direction.  But we won't know till we get there.

Sadly, the final 5 games of the season are much more of a nuisance than anything else.  In the past we had to endure the games in April in anticipation of the playoffs.  Now we endure it in anticipation of the lottery (which won't happen until May 20th, over a month after the last game of the season).

I know as a blogger who covers the Celtics I should be getting more out of these final few games.  Stevens is making adjustments and experimenting and (bless his heart) making every effort to put his sorry team in position to win basketball games.  He just doesn't have the horses, and several of the ones he does have are banged up and taking the cautious approach to injuries.

When the season does officially end, I'll at least have a series of season recaps to write.  We'll do an "exit interviews" type of series where we break down each player on the roster (and even some that aren't on the roster any more).  When the ping pong balls are finally picked, we'll have a whole new set of stories surrounding what our options are with the picks and the offseason as a whole.  We can dust off the Trade Machine and start concocting new fantasy trade ideas.  Basically the offseason is very much in my wheelhouse and I'm looking forward to it.

When the team is winning or at least looking like they could be a contender, that makes the regular season a lot more enjoyable.  Rebuilding, on the other hand, is a bit of a slog.  So bring on the offseason.  I'm ready for some fireworks (or at least dreams of fireworks).

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