Possible new roster?

The Celtics are looking to turn their season around after the dramatic rebuilding phasing season that had to go under finishing tied for the 4th worst record in the NBA with the Utah Jazz. If the Celtics want to maintain a quick rebuilding process into a playoff team, here is a wrap up of an idea Danny Ainge can play around with.

- Trade Green/1st Round Pick for Greg Monroe who provides rim protection and is only 23 with huge potential already being a near elite big man. Partnered with Sullinger and letting Sullinger play at his dominant PF spot will be perfect and it also lets Detroit play Smith at PF and Green as 3/4th scoring option which should be better for Detroit in Stan Van Gundys offense.

- Keeping Rajon Rondo as the re building piece who can make other players better is something any re building team needs and Rondo has already been and had finals experience. The leagues best passing, rebounding, play making and a top defensive guard who can put up triple double numbers frequently is something worth re building about.. not to mention he is Mr Playoffs. Rondo will likely sign with us after the 2014-15 season as he has said he wants to test free agency but doesn't like changes and wouldn't mind staying in Boston the rest of his career and if Danny Ainge lets him in on more future plans he will defiantly stay. He is also our new captain and anyone with a captaincy role will want to stay.

- Let Avery Bradley go because he's asking for too much money. Signing Gordon Hayward would be a better option for less money as well. Being able to score for anywhere on the court is the partner Rondo needs, also playing for Brad Stevens in college will have a good chemistry and an easy understanding of the plays.

- Resign Jerryd Bayless as a backup for Rondo who can provide deep scoring of the bench and the defense we need from a bench player.

- Sign Paul Pierce for his final year or two for the veterans minimum to become a mentor for our young players and gives him what he wants being able to retire as a Celtic.

- Let Kris Humphries and that $12M contract go as it gives us cap space and he can be a backup if we can get him for a whole lot cheaper.

- Draft Aaron Gordon from Arizona to fill in the SF spot who is a defensive/athletic beast who can develop a mid range/3 point shot would make him a huge role for the future.

- Draft Doug McDermott with the 17th pick who will be a gamble seeing as he is one of the best scorers in NCAAA history could lead to a big NBA career if he can be consistent. Drafting

Rajon Rondo
Gordon Hayward
Aaron Gordon
Jared Sullinger
Greg Monroe

Paul Pierce
Jerryd Bayless
Gerald Wallace
Brandon Bass
Kelly Olynyk
Doug McDermott
Phil Pressey
Chris Johnson
Joel Anthony

Knowing that we also have Brooklyns first round picks in 2016,18 as long as this seasons it doesn't hurt either for trades or on draft night.

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