Would you trade a top 3 pick for Kevin Love?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Think about it...

Chris Forsberg beat me to the punch yesterday and published an article based on a simple question:  Would you trade a top 3 pick for Kevin Love?

Are you in Love with a high draft pick? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Even in what's perceived to be a deep draft, Boston fans would seemingly be just fine with moving a pick that's fifth or worse. Regardless of how much talent is available in June, there still would be disappointment in missing out one of the top names that are expected to be potential franchise jump-starters in Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid. But moving a top-three pick won't be quite as easy for some to stomach, even if that might help further entice Minnesota to ponder a swap -- and maybe limit how many additional assets the Celtics would have to part with.

That last line is key I think.  Think back to when the Celtics landed Ray Allen and then still had enough pieces left over to grab Kevin Garnett (and then still had Rondo and Perk around to help win the title).  Having the number 5 pick was key to that whole series of events.  It was painful on lottery night, but it worked out beautifully.

Fast forward to this offseason.  If we use a top 3 pick to land Love, maybe we can keep all our future picks.  Maybe we can keep Sullinger and/or Olynyk.  Both of those guys will have trouble finding a true role in our rotations with Love in place, but each could be moved for value around the league.

Interesting sidebar, Canius Hoopus (SBN's TWolves blog) offered up this suggested pricetag for Love in a deal with Boston:

Timberwolves Considering Kevin Love Trades? - Canis Hoopus

My initial thoughts last night focused in on the Celtics: something like their pick, the Nets 2016 pick, Kelly Olynyk, and Brandon Bass for Love and Barea.

That probably assumes the Celtics get the 5th or 6th pick in the draft.  If we win the lottery, I think we'd be able to knock the Nets 2016 pick or Olynyk off the pricetag.  Also, I think if they are trying to offload a bad contract, I suppose we could take on Kevin Martin, who has 3 years and about $21M left on his deal.

So back to the original question.  Would you give up a shot at one of the top 3 picks in order to land Love?

We know that Danny Ainge has been downplaying the impact of this draft for some time now.  Perhaps he's been preparing us for an occasion just like this.

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