Bayless on Boston: "loyalty really stuck out to me"

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jerryd Bayless took to his blog to address his feelings towards returning to Boston and what the future might bring.

It reads like a love letter to the city:

I can't speak highly enough about Boston. It's a great city, a place I could definitely see myself calling home. The support you get from everybody in Boston is second to none. The fans are unbelievable. We didn't have the most successful year, but every game was still sold out. That loyalty really stuck out to me.

The franchise has a solid foundation with the ownership group that is there, with Danny Ainge making moves and Brad Stevens coaching. Brad is amazing. He's going to be a great coach in this league for a long time.

The team is in good hands. Danny, Brad and the owners all understand that the city they're in expects to win and they can't have too many years like this where things didn't go as well as they planned. With that in mind, I'm sure they're going to go out and do what they need to do to get back on track and get the organization back where it's supposed to be.

And now, the franchise is embroiled in this boat race for Kevin Love.  The timing of Bayless' blog post couldn't be better; it shines a good light on the city, the fan base, and the organization.  If the Celtics don't bring the free agent point guard back next season, he could easily take over the PR department when he retires.

For what it's worth, here's an interesting tidbit I found regarding Love and Bayless.  The two of them competed against each other in their only season in the Pac-12 when Love was at UCLA and Bayless was at Arizona.  Love finished as Player of the Year in the conference with Bayless landing on the 2nd all conference team behind O.J. Mayo and James Harden.  On Bill Simmons' BS Report, he was asked who he thought would have a break out career from his generation.  His answer:

"I always felt like my guy, Jerryd Bayless who's now up in Toronto...I felt like he has a chance to break out, cause he's the type of guy who that has the mentality that we all have...that they want to be great....they aren't going to take 'no' for an answer. He has the ability and the chance to be a very good player in this league.

He just has a different type of demeanor to him that know, our generation kind of all has. You know, he plays hard every single play. He's just not going to take 'No' for an answer go out there and try and get the job done. So he's just waiting for the right opportunity and a chance to break out. I think, Jerryd's right up there with a lot of other guys in our class. He was right up there in high school, with the best players. I think he's right there among others."

So, maybe Bayless is the key to this whole thing...

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