Top 3 Draft Lottery or Watch the Heat Lose?

Considering that even if Danny Ainge is going to pull off a blockbuster Kevin Love trade it can't happen until later this year, the two best things (in my opinion) that could possibly happen for the Celtics in the next couple of weeks are to either get in the top 3 in the draft lottery, or to watch the Heat get bounced.

My logical side says I am a Celtics fan, I want good things to happen for the Celtics more than I want other teams to win or lose. I want them to be put in the best possible position to be competitive and the only thing that could impact that over the next couple of weeks is the draft lottery.

My emotional side says I want the Heat to lose. Badly. All the time.

Which would you rather have happen in the next couple of weeks?

The Draft

The draft lottery is tomorrow night. Arguably, it could be a turning point for the franchise if the Celtics get lucky and vault up into the top 3 of the draft. If instead of moving up or staying pat the Celtics fall back to 7 or 8, it could mean they get two role players rather than anyone that can impact the course of the franchise.

As news about Kevin Love possibly being traded comes out, it appears as though the actual positioning of the Celtics' pick matters less and less. Make no bones about it, Kevin Love is being traded. Take it to the bank. I'm not sure when, but it is happening. A player of Kevin Love's caliber does not stay put after news breaks that he's told the team he won't sign an extension with them and will test free agency. It just doesn't happen. It would cripple Minnesota to lose him in that way.

Assuming that is the case and that the Celtics can offer the best package to Minnesota (they can), where they land in the draft really only matters because it changes what else they have to give the Timberwolves via trade. Does having to include another marginal late first round pick or not really matter that much?

Does it matter at all? Yes. Is it franchise altering? No, probably not.

The Heat Lose

Their "rivalry" with the Celtics is a bit overblown. But as a basketball fan, who watched three superstars go against everything competition stands for and team up to beat up on the short kids on the playground, I want them to lose every game they play.

It has been spoken about so much that I won't go into it in depth, but I think the part of the "big 3" for the heat joining up that wasn't spoken about enough is that it felt wrong because it just wasn't fair. Fairness is one of the great things sports teaches our children and it is interwoven throughout most parts of sports. It is why we have rules to the games. Teams constructed squads with several stars before, but that was because they did a great job at management. They gave up assets, made astute trades; it was not handed to them. (And please don't reply that technically they traded for Lebron. That was not a real trade.) I hope they lose every game by 50.

The Celtics' season is over. The only joy I could take from the current season is to see a team that I feel such visceral hatred for (and by the way, that is different than hating the players as people, though many confuse it) lose out when they've predicted continued dominance so boisterously.

My Answer

I know it seems like blasphemy, but I think I'd rather watch the Heat lose. Now maybe the Celtics win the lottery tomorrow and find a way to get Kevin Love without trading that pick. Maybe they get Kevin Love, keep Rondo and draft Embiid with that pick. Maybe Embiid, Rondo, Love and some others win a championship in the near future. Maybe this feels like a really stupid position in the near future.

Right now, being shortsighted and vindictive, I would rather the Heat lose.

And also, by the way, please stop pointing out things about Kevin Love that are not perfect and saying you wouldn't want him. He is a star. Are there things wrong with him? Yes. But he is a star, and if you can get one of those, you flat out do so. If he doesn't fit in your long term plan, you trade him down the road. You can always trade a star. You can't always go get one.

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