Rebuilding Scenario

First off, I'm not sure I would do this but just putting this idea out there.

Trade Rondo & Wallace to Lakers for Nash, expiring contract and the 6th pick.

This trade works because the Lakers have enough cap space, this also creates a Trade Exception for about 10 million for Boston. In this scenario, the Lakers don't get Lebron or Carmelo in free agency this year but look to sign Love next year. Now, please don't tell me that Rondo is not worth the 6th pick; Philly got for two first round draft picks for Jrue Holiday! Not the best trade for Boston but the Celts shed the contract of Wallace and this makes the deal worth only one first rounder.

Boston now has the 5th & 6th pick(if neither the Lakers or Celts get higher draft picks).

Boston trades Bass to Dallas for the 34th pick(2nd round). Dallas will have the cap space after resigning Nowitzki for lesser money.

Now comes the crazy part, if the Celts don't get Embiid, Wiggins, Parker or Exum:

Boston trades the 5th pick and Green to Phoenix for their three 2014 fist round picks( #'s 14, 18 & 27).

Boston then trades their 6th pick and Bradley to Chicago for their two 2014 first round picks(#'s 16 & 19) and Carlos Boozer(using our 2014 Trade Exception) and for the rights to their lowest 2015 First Round Pick.

Boston now has 6 first round picks in 2014(#'s 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 27) and 3 first round picks in 2015. The Celts get two veteran players, Nash & Boozer(on final year contracts) to trade at the deadline. This also give the Celts financial flexibility for the future.

For the 2014 NBA Draft, the Celts select depending on if certain players fall or not:

#14. Gordon, McDermott, Ennis, Saric, Harris, Young, Hood or Stauskas (this pick will be determined by who falls and who is left on the board)

#16. any name left above or LaVine

#17. any player left above or Napier

#18. any player above or Nurkic

#19. any player above or Early, Warren or Anderson

#27. any player listed above if they fall this far

The players in bold would be my first choice over any other players available.

2015 Possible Celts Roster:

PG. Pressey, Ennis(possibly), Napier

SG. C. Johnson, LaVine, Young, Stauskas or Harris

SF. Gordon(possibly), McDermott(possibly), Saric, Hood, Early, Warren or Anderson (Celts draft 2 SF's)

PF. Sullinger, Olynyk

C. Faverani, Nurkic, Iverson

After this draft and next season, Boston would have a ton of cap space, young players and draft picks to trade for Elite players if they want too or continue to build a young team around their young coach!

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