Plan C


Plan A went up in smoke last night at around 8:22 pm EST. Win the lottery. Draft the second coming of Hakeem Olajuwon. Hoist multiple banners while smoking celebratory cigars.

Plan B is a long shot as well. Reach a wink-wink agreement with Kevin Love to resign and then trade multiple picks to bring the Timberwolves big man to town.

Which brings us to Plan C. No fireworks. No home run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth with the stadium lights exploding in the night sky. Small ball.

Danny Ainge has proven he can hit home runs (e.g. trading for Garnett and Allen), proven he can strike out (drafting Fab Melo), he's proven he knows when to fold 'em (cashing in for Pierce and Garnett when they were running on fumes), and he's proven he can play small ball (rehabilitating Jordan Crawford's career and then dealing him with Marshon Brooks for picks).

We are the Boston Effin' Celtics. We don't hoist Eastern Conference Finals banners and our goal is not to just make the playoffs. We play for banners and nothing less.

The cupboard is not bare. And for those of you crying in your cereal this morning grow a set of balls. Because I shed a tear when Larry Bird retired. I shed a couple when Len Bias died. And I shed a lot when Reggie Lewis died. The ping pong balls bounced exactly as they should have for us. Period. End of story.

We have 2 draft picks in a draft full of good players. We have multiple first round picks in future drafts. We have a great GM. We have a great head coach. We can get a very good player at #6. And we can potentially get a very good player at #17 (see Jared Sullinger or Rajon Rondo).

The lottery has never been kind to us. And it is doubtful we will be hoisting another banner in 2015. But we are Boston strong. And we are moving in the right direction.

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