Defensive center market


In this post I set out to see what is available via free agency for defensive centers and what kind of cap space the team has to go about signing players.

First off we need to figure something out with Bradley. I have the team re-signing him and put him at $7m, the max i would be okay with him getting per year. Then i looked to see what this years draft picks would be getting for salaries; $2.7 and $1.4 is what i came up with. With the cap said to be moving up to $62m this year that would leave the Celtics with about $7.9m to spend in free agency. They could take back more in trades.

Gortat: Good player, good fit for us but I think he likely stays in Washington and for more than $10m/yr.

Bynum: All the talent in the world but doesn't care about basketball anymore. Plus the guy is a head case, a disruption, has bad knees, etc...I think he has played his last game in the NBA

Kaman: Not the greatest defensive center but better than what we have and he can score. Was he a bad fit in LA or just a backup? A steal at last years price of $3m

Biedrins: looks the part but has fallen off a cliff since his contract extension. Absolutely terrible FT shooter. Would come very cheap. Might be worth it as a 3rd center

Oden: Went to the Heat to prove he was healthy, win a ring and get playing time. He may have done the 1st two things anyways. Only played a total of 212 minutes but looked pretty good in that time. Will he stay or will he try and find more playing time elswhere? Still would come cheap IMO with the risk.

Ed Davis: Solid young PF/C who plays good defense and rebounds but who's game just hasn't gotten the chance to start yet. Would be a good fit with Kelly, IMO. A few teams will likely be after Mr. Davis. I would gladly take him on the team, in fact i wanted to trade for him last season.

Okafor: Solid veteran player, the double-double man. Built like a truck, blocks a good amount of shots. Coming off a season in which he didn't play due to injury. Might be able to be had one a decent 1 year prove you're healthy deal.

Blatche: offensive PF/C who made pennies last year for the Nets and didn't play much early on. His fate in Brooklyn could depend on if KG come's back or not. He has KG like offense in that he is a good ball handler, likes the jumper and likes to carve space himself. Takes guys off the dribble. Above average defender but not a great shot blocker given his size and athleticism.

Pau Gasol: Older player at 33 and likely looking for a contender to join but he is a good fit if you ask me. Can play inside and out, good passer, rebounder and sound defender. Plays better at center at this point in his career.

That concludes the defensive center free agency list. What do you guys think? Any one that interests you? I myself would be happy with several: Gasol, Davis, Okafor, Blatche.

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