Thinking outside of the box (Drafting, Trading, Tanking) - An Australian Perspective

Firstly disclaimers, I would just like to point out that, I'm only a relatively new convert to the NBA and that everything in my first fan post be taken with a grain of salt. I haven't ever had the chance to watch an NBA game live. Living in Australia doesn't mean though, that I wasn't as gutted as everyone else in Boston when the ping pong balls didn't drop our way. With that in mind I'm happy to cop criticism about my ideas and for my writing, because failing is where we can all learn.


After following AFL (Australian Football League - Aussie Rules) for the past 20 years it is interesting how everyone (NBA fans) views the draft, the lottery and the mentality behind tanking. From my perspective this becomes a divisive point among fellow fans. The response is either "Tanking kills the sole of your club" or "We won't get good picks so we'll never get better.
The Lottery is the big leveler. By having it in it allows at least some doubt in to creep in. In the AFL, similar to the NFL it is just a pure reverse order of the standings. For the best part of a decade teams have tanked (Less like the 76's and more like the Magic).

The Collingwood Magpies tanked for a season got two very good players that propelled them into finals for the best part 8 years while the Melbourne Demons have 'tanked' for the past 5-6 years with dozens of top picks 1-5 range. Yet it's taking a AFL version of Phil Jackson to come out of retirement to turn it around.

The difference between the two sides came down to player development and list management. The one that is most relevant is list management and need to rid of "list cloggers."

List Cloggers - They're the players that are middle of the road that aren't quite good enough to get you to the top but take up $$ and Floor time (Development). The key in my opinion is to asses whether or not a player is going to help you win a banner and if they can't, then out they go. While this sounds obvious, I think we need to be more aggressive with moving on players with value that you think will not be around for banner 18.

Which moves us onto my ideas for trading and drafting.

Trading and drafting.

I would like to put a caveat on my trade proposal saying that a lot of things would have to happen for this to happen.

No.1 the Cav's would have to pass on big Joel Embiid with the first pick.
For the point of the trade I'll say that the bucks also passed on Embiid and that its slipped to the 76's.

The biggest heartburn the lottery has caused us is that around that 6 mark, the best players are position that we've got filled especially power forward. So why not take a power forward with that pick (more so Vonelah but possibly Randle). And try and use one of our power forwards to get what we need most, rim protection. Don't click away hear me out first. I, like everyone else come onto Celtics blog and shake my head and ridiculous trades that aren't worth the paper they're written on

76's receive: Pick 17, Jared Sullinger

Celtics receive: Nerlans Noel


76's would be less likely to pull the trigger on Embiid, so how about well pull the trigger on another young rim protecting big.With this in place I would try and bring either Vonelah or Randle on board to fill the space left by Sullinger. I think Noel is a long term fit for us and while needs a lot of development offensively I think this would work in our favor long term.

While not as sexy as trading for Love or Embiid I think it should be enough to improve our side.

On a side note would you prefer to send out a similar package with an undesirable contract to try and bring in Sanders from the Bucks?

Any thoughts leave a comment.

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