UCLA reunion on the East Coast

How do we feel about this scenario?

It's pretty well documented that Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook are good friend since their time at UCLA and the idea of them hooking up back in LA in the future has been floated out there. But, what if their reunion took place on the east coast? Assume that OKC loses to San Antonio; they then have to reconsider their roster and whether or not Durant and Westbrook can coexist (recent head-butting fuels this idea). Think about the following three team trade:

Boston receives: Westbrook, Perkins (from OKC) and Love, Muhammad (from Minn)

Minnesota receives: Sullinger, Bass, Wallace, Bogans, Anthony, & Faverani + this years #6, #17, next years BOS #1 and Clips 2015 pick (from BOS) and Steve Adams & Jeremy Lamb from OKC.

OKC receives: Rondo, Nets 2015 pick from BOS and Pekovic from Minn


Boston gets +/- 50PPG from Love/Westbrook, takes on shell of Perkins (keep as mean old defender or pkg in future deal as $ off books). We get rid of PF log jam, useless players and with some additional roster filling/additional moves (sign & trade bradley + someone to utah for hayward) become pretty legit.

OKC gets a pass-first PG and a tough rebounder/defender which frees up Durant and adds a lot of toughness to a team that is seriously lacking in testicular fortitude.

Minnesota gets to blow it all up again and gets to clear some cap space by moving, dumping, or letting contracts expire to accumulate a boat load of cap space, and they get some really potentially good young players with some additional picks to speed up their rebuilding process.

This all works in the trade machine - take that for what it's worth.

BOS depth chart:

PG: Westbrook, Pressey, Bayless

SG: Hayward(additional S&T w-Bradley), Bayless, Babb

SF: Green, Johnson, Muhammad

PF: Love, Olynyk, Humphries (assuming resign)

C: Perkins, Humphries

Obviously a dream idea, but let me know what you think.

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