Celtics Beat Podcast: Mark Murphy & Mary Schmitt Boyer on Kevin Love Rumors

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Herald reporter Mark Murphy and Cleveland Plain Dealer Cavs Insider Mary Schmitt Boyer joined The Garden Report's Jared Weiss and CLNS Radio's Rich Conte on this week's Celtics Beat Podcast.

The Celtics roster for next season is something that is up in the air. No one knows who will be on this team next season, whether it will be the same or a complete overhaul. One thing that is known is that Danny Ainge isn’t afraid to make moves when they are presented.

Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald joined the guys at Celtics Beat to discuss the roster moving forward into next season. One thing that has been the topic of discussion is if Kevin Love will be coming to Boston

"I’d be  very surprised if the sixth pick is enough to be the pivotal piece in a deal for Kevin Love. A lot of teams are lining up for him," Murphy said. The Celtics are going against teams that have more to offer, including the Cleveland Cavaliers who own the number one overall pick in this years NBA Draft.

Murphy said "The Celtics can certainly offer volume, but they don’t have that top pick." As said before the Celtics have the sixth pick overall. If the team was to trade for Kevin Love they would have to keep Rajon Rondo.

"Given the chance to try and convince Love to stay I think he (Danny Ainge) would take that chance. It’s a terrific gamble."

Rajon Rondo came up as a possible trade piece. The Celtics have been linked to Omer Asik and many think a trade surrounding Rondo for Lin and Asik is something that can happen. "The Rockets have also been interested in Brandon Bass." so he could be involved in the trade as well if it were to happen.

"Rondo remains an inconsistent scorer .. do you give Rondo that max contract? I know Rondo sees himself that way, I’m not sure the Celtics do," Murphy said during the topic of Rondo’s contract and the flexibility of the team.

The Celtics should be players during the offseason "they have a 10 million dollar trade exception. Players are going to be available .. I think they’ll go after Hayward from Utah just because of the Brad Stevens connection." Hayward will be a restricted free agent this summer, and will be in play for a huge pay day.

"I keep hearing people bring up (Aaron) Gordon. I think that’s too high for him. He’s a non scoring four. I think if you’re going to address the power forward position you try and get Randle or Vonleh." Both players could be available to the Celtics at the sixth pick.

The Celtics roster is looking to have huge turnover this offseason. We’ll just have to wait and see what Ainge does.

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