If Miami gets Anthony, what does Boston do?

So Miami thinks they can buy all the best players and maybe win 6,7 or 8 championships. So what should Boston do,there are 2 ways to go that I can see:

1. Build through the draft and in 5yrs. hopefully have a young powerhouse. Miami will be old by then and maybe we are the new Team to beat. This however means a lot of patience and some serious luck drafting the best players available.

2. The Celts make some Fireworks and do a Big trade with Love being the focal point but also getting a few other good players.(see link below)

So this is how I see the trade working;

1. Boston sends 4 draft picks to Minnesota, 2014 # 6, 2014 #17 or one of 2015 1srt round picks, 2016 Brooklyn and 2018 Brooklyn pick. I think three should have been enough but we are giving them Wallace so we add an additional pick. Love does not opt out, picks up his option for 2015, this allows Boston to negotiate a larger contract.

Rondo resigns 4yrs. 60 million contract in 2015.

Asik resigns 4ysr. 40 million contract in 2015.

Love signs a 4 yrs. 64 million contract in 2016.

Bradley resigns for 3yrs. 20 million contract in 2015.

Bayless resigns for 3yrs. 12 million contract in 2015.

Paul Pierce resigns for veteran minimum.

Celts use their trade exception getting Garnett back. We offer Brooklyn their 2017 first round back without the ability to swap picks. This basically gives Brooklyn a high first round pick instead of a pick in the 20's. They also get rid of 10 million off their books.

PG: Rondo, Bayless, Pressey

SG: Bradley, Martin, Johnson

SF: Smith, Brewer, PP

PF: Love, Garnett

C: Asik, Faverani, Anthony

If we keep our 2014 1rst round pick, we choose either a SF or PF.

Why Minnesota does this, well, no other team can offer the number of draft picks we can! They also get a 2014 or 2015 # 1 pick from Houston for Rubio plus a group of good young talent.

Why Houston does this, they get a very good young PG in Rubio and a PF, Humphries, who will work perfectly next to Howard. They also have the money to pay Parsons.

Why Detroit does this, I don't see them wanting Smith. Getting rid of Smith allows them to keep Monroe. Green fits into their SF role, Lin become starting PG moving Jennings to SG.

I believe Boston's lineup could give the Heat problems, even with Anthony. The Celts would be a much more balanced team! This is my thought for banner # 18!

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