Kevin Love holds the key to being contenders AGAIN!

I've been hearing a lot of people on both sides saying why K.Love is a great trade and why it's not, but I think the nay sayers are missing some key components if you disagree with trading for him and I am more than happy to explain to you why this is the RIGHT move for the Boston Celtics. Lets start off by realizing the talent of Love, he is an absolute monster to anyone he plays against. His current season average is 26.1 pts per game along with 12.5 rebounds and 4.4 assist. Not only is he a scoring threat, a great rebounder but he is also willing to pass the ball even though he is such a threat. Lets remember 4.4 is great on a bad team what do you think it will go up to on a good team? In order to follow the guideline of the spurs you need an all-star big man, an all-star point guard and a great 3rd option (not necessarily an all-star) along with great coaching and a great bench. But people it all starts with RAJON RONDO and KEVIN LOVE! The Celtics are a couple great players away from being a top 3 team in the east I think we all can agree that a lottery team can turn into a championship team rather quickly (2007-2008). If we had gotten KG 6 years earlier with PIERCE we would have had atleast 2 or 3 championships out of that duo but we got everyone as they were declining. K.LOVE is 25!! Once the Celtics acquire LOVE then the dominoes will start to fall into place and this is how I would like to see it go.

Minnesota Receives: Boston's 2014 first round picks (6 and 17) along with one of Brooklyn's 1st round picks, Kelly Olynk, Favarani, Bogans, pressey and Brandon Bass.

Boston Receives: Kevin Love and the bad contract of Kevin martin.

This is the best offer the Wolves will get and why they do it is because they will have 3 picks in this years deep draft. Boston does it obviously for Love but a change of scenery might also bring back to life Kevin Martin who was huge in Houston a couple years ago.

Next trade:

Washington Wizards Receive: Jeff Green and a second round pick (if needed)

Boston Receives: Marcin Gortat

Washington has always had a thing for Jeff green because of his versatility, and Gortat has been linked to the Celtics for a couple years. He is a legit double double and defensive presence perfect to pair with Love.


Boston signs Chandler Parsons with their trade exception of 2,090,000 for 2 years. Then try to sign Danny Granger with a mid-level.















Very Strong team in the east. Not a championship team yet but very close! Depends on the emergence of Parsons and the improvement of Sully. Martin will be a serious spark plug if he can score like he use too and If Granger and sully can co-exist on this team off the bench and be leaders then you are looking at a Hard team to beat!

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