Would you draft Joel Embiid with a foot injury?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Jeff Goodman is reporting that Joel Embiid now has a foot injury, but with a back problem not that far away in the rear view, could he fall to the Celtics at #6 and more importantly, would they draft him?

Shades of Jared Sullinger back in 2012, right?  From Goodman:

"He suffered a foot injury to his right foot sometime over the last few days,'' agent Arn Tellem told ESPN's Andy Katz by phone Thursday. "He's getting evaluations from various doctors and experts in the field. We'll know more Friday.''

One source told ESPN.com that Embiid "may have broken" his foot, but Tellem wouldn't speculate on the seriousness of the injury until he had heard from doctors. Tellem also said it was unlikely Embiid would be doing any more workouts before the draft, which is June 26.

And now, the pundits pontificate:

Woj is also reporting that Cleveland is now considering Dante Exum at #1, too.  This devastating news will certainly shake up the top of the draft, but how far could Embiid fall?  If he slips past Milwaukee and Philadelphia, Utah and Orlando would have to take a hard look at that gamble.  We saw Julius Randle shake off concerns about potential off-season foot surgery at his Celtics' workout, but Embiid's status, although unknown right now, could be more serious and as Simmons' speculates, if the Celtics see him as a future cornerstone, they could draft Embiid with an eye on a longer rebuild.


NBA GM: 'You can't use a Top 5 pick' on injured Joel Embiid - NBA - Sporting News

“I think there is a point at which you use a pick on him, where you’re hoping maybe these are just fluke things that are not going to be recurring,” one general manager told Sporting News. “But that point is not in the Top 5 or so. You can't use a Top 5 pick. I think there are too many other good options there to think about using the pick on one who has these injury problems.”

Embiid has stress fracture in foot, Celtics still interested | Comcast SportsNet - CSNNE.com

In fact, a source tells CSNNE.com that the Celtics will give some serious thought to potentially moving up in the draft to select him. Boston has kept "all options" open leading up to the draft, including the possibility of moving up from their current No. 6 spot.

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