not two, not three, not four...

It's draft season, when anything is possible... Indulge me. The obvious dream is Love and Melo, but let's be creative here. This is a dream for a dynasty that would emerge over time, beginning as an inexperienced group, evolving into a contender, and finally a dominant force. Not a few glorious years but a decade-long dynasty of homegrown talent.

Move 1: Get some luck to draft Embiid at #6, get some luck so he stays healthy, and we have a franchise center, a 2-way stud, a 20-10-5 man where the 5 is BLOCKS.

Move 2: Trade Rondo, Sully, and Bogans to the Bulls for Rose and the rights to Nikola Mirotic. The Bulls do it because it greatly improves their odds of landing Melo, as Mirotic would have cost them about $4m more than Sully, Rose-for-expiring-Rondo gives them flexibility and savings, and Melo wants to play with Rondo. We do it because here in dreamland, we can rest assured that Rose will be back to MVP form and never injured again. But seriously, even for a median Rose outcome this trade looks good because of Mirotic, who at 23 is already the best non-NBA player in the world. 6'10, outstanding shooter (40% from 3 and 60% TS), great finesse game at the rim, good quickness, and a defensive upgrade over Sully.

Move 3: draft Tyler Ennis at #17. This would be a steal, as Ennis has elite PG skills including a ridiculous 3.3:1 assist:turnover ratio. We will want to have a really good backup PG to ease Rose's burden; I bet he can stay healthy if we keep him at 25-30 mins/game. Three recent mocks have him going at #15, #19 and #20, so he might well be available. He can ball and he is clutch! See Dean Demakis's article on the subject.

Move 4: S&T for Gordon Hayward using Gerald Wallace, Clippers 2015 1st, and our 2016 first. He is another great fit for motion due to passing skills, and obviously shooting. Hayward will be undervalued due to his disappointing season; in particular, his 3p% dropped from 40% to 30%. This was due to too-high usage and the departure of Al Jefferson; playing with another stud on the block in Embiid, he will return to form.

Move 5: Resign AB on a team-friendly deal.

Let's see what we have now: a really solid 8-man rotation featuring 2 superstars, and everyone but Green is 25 or younger.

PG: Rose, Ennis, (Pressey)

Wings: Hayward, AB, Green, (CJ, Babb)

Bigs: Embiid, Mirotic, KO, (Faverani, Iverson)

I would be even happier with this lineup moving forward than with Love and Rondo. More that can go wrong, but if things break our way we will be the Spurs 2.0. Let's not forget: we're getting some real nice picks in 2016-18 from the Nets.

My favorite part about this scenario is that we get to watch our young talent develop, and we have a decade+ window in which to win not two, not three, not four, not five, ...

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