Load up the Front, the Celtics new Big 3

Here's my second take on a possible offseason course of action. I'm going to try to keep it as realistic as possible.


I want Embiid. I think he's a stud. I don't think he'll ever reach Hakeem heights, but that's hardly a knock since I have Hakeem as the GOAT center. He was close to KG on defense and the best post player in league history with a solid short/mid range shot. Beastly defense and unstoppable on offense, if he comes anywhere near Hakeem, Embiid is going to end up a HOFer. I think a more fair comparison of what we could expect is Anthony Davis. Davis 23(?) and already a 25-10 player with elite defense. If you haven't gotten it by now, Embiid's ceiling is so ridiculously high, you have to take him if he somehow slips to 6. Even if you think it's a 50-50 thing his health pans out, the reward is so crazy high that there is absolutely no way you don't take that shot if you're the Celtics. He could be our Tim Duncan for the next 20 years. Karmic justice.

Clearly, Love's floor is a lot higher. We know what we'd be getting - a top 10 player in the NBA and a top 3 PF. He's a go to scorer and instantaneously makes us one of the better rebounding teams in the NBA. His game is also perfectly suited to match with Rondo as a long range shooting big.

With Embiid, Love and Green, you have the best front court in the NBA and the best front court in Celtics history since we could march out the HOF trio of Bird, McHale and Parrish. With Rondo manning the point, all you need is a reliable 3 and D type player. Bradley is absolutely that player. This past year in the role of being our go to scorer, he struggled, no doubt. But if he's asked to do nothing but destroy on defense and shoot 3s as the fourth or fifth option ala 2010? The guy can kill it.

You have to get Love and hope Embiid falls to six (or trade up with the Magic), but Green, Rondo, and Bradley are three good pieces that are already in place so you're not trading in 5 starters like some mocks are suggesting we do. Between our left over draft picks and cap resources, we have plenty of flexibility to get a deep bench and have options to trade for another star.


Trade Sullinger, #17, Better of Celtics/Clippers 2015 1st round pick (unprotected), Better of Celtics/Nets 2016 1st round pick (top 5 protected) and filler/cap savings to make the numbers work (Bass' expiring, Anthony expiring, etc.)

Draft Embiid at #6

Resign Bradley, 4 years 24 million

Resign Humphries 2 years, 12 million

Resign Bayless 2 years 5 million

Use Paul Pierce trade exemption to trade for Omer Asik

Use the MLE on Nick Young, 3 years, 15 million


Rondo / Pressey

Bradley / Bayless / Johnson

Green / Young / Wallace

Love / Olynyk / Humphries

Asik / Embiid

Yes, Asik is a one year rental and doesn't want to come off the bench. Which works out just fine for the Celtics. Yao's career was ended not by the injury, but by constantly being rushed back so he never recovered. The Celtics are in this for the long haul and having a legit center to play while Embiid is out, and then when he's back, to carry the bulk of the minutes as the young guy gets used to the NBA is something I think we absolutely need to have. Furthermore, Asik's value is at an all time low and won't cost us anything besides taking on his contract to give the Rockets cap space and he is a very very good center. Having his bird rights to sign and trade later is an asset.

Other than that, my one possible worry is having enough 3 point shooting and wing defenders to pick up Lebron. Nick Young isn't going to do much for defense, but he is a great scorer. He's a legit ball handler with the ability to create his own shot with the second unit. Much maligned for his (lack of) passing, I think Stevens as opposed to D'antoni would be a great fit for him and he can be our Jamal Crawford.

Rondo is an elite PG and Bradley is a high end role player with upside for more. Bayless is a microwave type bench player and decent ball handler and Pressey is one of my favorite young players in the NBA and has shown he can be the second team PG and poor man's Rondo. But looking at that roster it's clear where the strength of it is- the bigs. In the front court you have 7 legitimate starters on most teams that includes 5 legit bigs plus Green who could play small ball 4.


Rondo / Bradley / Green / Love / Asik


Pressey / Bayless / Wallace / Green / Embiid


Bradley / Green / Wallace / Embiid / Asik

Deal with the trap/pressure defense:

Rondo / Bayless / Young / Olynyk / Love


Rondo / Bradley / Young / Green / Love

Scoring 2:

Rondo / Young / Green / Olynyk / Love


Pressey / Bayless / Young / Humphries / Embiid

3 Point:

Bayless / Young / Green / Olynyk / Love


Rondo / Young / Green / Love / Embiid

As constituted there is some good variety there. I would like to upgrade the Wallace spot and get a defensive wing player who doesn't completely suck on offense. With Green and Young however, they're going to be eating up tons of minutes for you so I don't see where anyone better would really fit.

The problem with the Pacers is that their center forgot how to rebound, and they only had two guys on their team that could create a shot - George and Stevenson. Furthermore, they had no 3 point shooting to spread the floor (not to mention horrifically dry coaching to get no easy looks). The Celtics in this form would be far superior to them on both counts. But most importantly, this team would be young and would not only mostly be locked up long term, would give us some flexibility to add pieces.

Load up the front. Get banner 18 (and 19 and 20)

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