Prince Will's Mock Draft

The long awaited, highly anticipated Prince Will Mock Draft is finally here. These picks are a mix of what we're hearing, what I think they should do, and some gut feeling.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins, SG/SF, Kansas

Lots of talk surrounding this pick whether to trade or to take Jabari or Wiggins. Wiggins is above Jabari on my board and I think he is the better fit. Cavs aren't the greatest defensive team and Wiggins bring elite D and athleticism right away. Wiggins has question marks with his handles and mentality but I still think he has great offensive potential. Right now his offensive skills are best suited as a support guy which is exactly what he'll be in Cleveland. Kyrie and Waiters can run the show and Wiggins can hit open jumpers, crash the glass, cut, own the fastbreak right away. This situation can help Wiggins grow into being THE guy at his own pace while still helping out the Cavs.

Cavs still could very easily end up going with Jabari Parker instead of Wiggins. Jabari could be huge for this locker room which was not a very a good place last year and be a go to guy on offense right away while grabbing some boards. The defense would be pretty funny to watch as Parker couldn't even be relied to cover college guys last year and the rest of the Cavs aren't very good at D anyway. A lineup of Kyrie, Waiters, Parker, Bennett, Hawes could be a real thing for this team and while it would be entertaining, I'm pretty sure I could score on them.

There was a rumor earlier in the week along the lines of Waiters or Kyrie being traded. Waiters being traded makes more sense than Kyrie and it could either be to clear cap to go after stars like LeBron, or to get a guy who plays better Defense and fits with Kyrie better. As a Celtics fan I would be very interested in moving Bradley and a future pick for Waiters. Parker would fit in better with Kyrie and Bradley and the Celtics would get some much needed scoring.

Still I believe Wiggins' Defense potential compared to Jabari's is a much bigger gap than their offensive potential. I know you don't draft for defense at the top but I believe Wiggins' offense will come.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker, F, Duke

Jabari and Milwaukee get what they wanted. I'm not sure if Parker tanking his Cavs workout was real but I like that stuff so I'll believe it. Here Jabari gets to play close to home for a team that desperately needs a go to scorer. The Bucks also have some guys who could help cover up Jabari's weaknesses on D. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Larry Sanders if he stays, John Henson all bring length and athleticism which Paker could fit well with. While Jabari's defense is bad, a team like the Bucks will gladly put up with it to get his scoring, which they desperately need.

3. Philadelphia 76ers - Dante Exum, G, Australia

The 76ers don't get their guy in Wiggins but they will gladly take Dante Exum. I will start this off by saying I have a mancrush on Exum. I love the guy. Every interview or commercial I've seen him in I have enjoyed. His mental makeup seems fantastic and he seems like a Star. There is still a lot of mystery to this man as we haven't seen much and he faced pretty low competition. From everything I have seen though Exum looks like one of the NBA's new premiere guards. He is a playmaker. He has a lightning quick first step and gets into the paint and to the rim at will. He compares his game to Russell Westbrook and Manu Ginobli which I think may be the best comparison. There are questions around his shot but I think his form is pretty good and it will come over time.

Another big thing to add is the 76ers coach Brett Brown is pretty familiar with Exum. Brown actually coached Exum's father in Australia and has seen Exum play for a few years. He knows Exum probably as good as anybody in the NBA and they seem like a great fit. Drafting Exum would free up a Michael Carter-Williams trade. Even though they could play together if someone is going to pay a premium on MCW the 76ers should and will probably take it. MCW's rookie year may be one of the most overrated individual seasons in a while and I believe there are better players and better fits available in places they could be drafting. Some hypotheticals are the Lakers could be interested in Thad Young, MCW for #7 and Nash, and Sacremento could be interested with the #8 pick.

It's too bad the Celtics won't have a chance to draft him since I see him being the perfect fit in Brad Stevens' motion offense.

4. Orlando Magic - Joel Embiid, C, Kansas

It really is too bad about Embiid's injuries. He has immense talent and potential and seems like a great kid. Hopefully he works out and we all get to watch one of the newest great bigs of the NBA. I'm not sure if I really think this will happen or if I'm doing it so he's not there when the Celtics pick because that would be too much of a tease to myself and others. It makes sense to me since after Exum there is a lower tier of players. Embiid is probably to risky to take over the top 3 but after that you can risk it especially if you have two lottery picks like the Magic. Chad Ford has speculated the Magic have been in rebuilding mode too long to risk this and wait even longer.

If he regains his health Embiid is a steal at 4 as myself and many others think he has the most potential out of everyone. He fits in well next to Vucevic who is a monster on the glass and can hit the midrange. Embiid can protect the rim and do everything else. It would be an exciting core with those guys and Oladipo along with all the other assets they have. Taking this risk could even more plausible if the Magic move Afflalo for a pick which could easily happen.

5. Utah Jazz - Noah Vonleh, PF, Indiana

Utah will probably be deciding between Vonleh, Gordon, Smart which is the same group Boston will be looking at. Vonleh can be a good fit next to Favors and fill a hole in this Jazz lineup. As of right now I think Vonleh is the worst player projected in the top 10. He can rebound and shoot and dribble well for his size but he has a long way to go. Even if it will take time Vonleh has pretty huge potential which could warrant going even higher than this. He tested out very well and seems to have potential in every single area of the game. His rebounding and shooting will give him a decent floor but I still think there is bust potential because of how far away his awareness on both sides of the ball is. His projections range from Chris Bosh potential, to starter, to rotation guy, to complete bust. I will be a little surprised if he ends up anywhere but in the middle of these projections.

I would also like to say some of my good friends have known him forever and he seems like an awesome kid and I hope the best for him. I will still be disappointed if the Celtics pick him over other guys but I wish him nothing but the best and I will be a fan for life.

6. Boston Celtics - Aaron Gordon, F, Arizona

The way I rank possible Celtics picks is Embiid, Gordon, Smart. Anything besides that and I think I will be disappointed unless if we trade down. Gordon brings elite athelticism and D right away. He isn't baby Blake and he isn't just a dunker. His main comparisons I've seen now are Marion, Kirelenko, Kawhi which I think are all better. Gordon has pretty good handling and playmaking ability for a guy his size. He can crash the glass, cut, set picks, and move around well on offense because of his high bball IQ and athletic ability. His shooting in college was horrible even if he shot 35% from 3 on limited shots. It is a legit concern but since the season ended he has been working on fixing it. His shot is completely different and I believe it will come eventually. If Gordon adds a shot he could be a steal at #6. I think he is one of the least likely players to bust since he will be able to play elite D on multiple positions and own the fastbreak and crash the glass right away. If he gets his shot down and adds more moves on offense his potential is huge. I wouldn't bet against Gordon reaching that potential since he seems so smart and is one of the hardest workers in the draft.

Gordon fits in well with this Celtics team which can struggle defensively. Although he didn't put up big block totals he can protect the rim better than Sully and Kelly. Gordon is also a beast at guarding on picks and can cover the elite guys like LeBron, Melo, George or even smaller guys. He fits in well with Stevens' preferred motion offense as he can pass and move without the ball and has a high IQ. He can also go down low and crash the glass if Kelly and Sully step out.

I would still be okay if we took Smart at this point since he brings a little bit of everything and a lot of defense, leadership, toughness, driving ability. Smart also would make it a lot easier to trade Rondo which I think is the way to go if we don't bring in the big guys like Love, Melo.

7. Los Angeles Lakers - Julius Randle, PF, Kentucky

Word on the street is Julius Randle killed his workout with the Lakers recently. He also bailed on the Celtics workout for some interview which I am completely fine with. I think if the Lakers keep this pick it will be Randle or Smart who both can contribute right away with Kobe. Randle struggles defensively and has to change his mentality on offense but there is potential there. I don't have him on either side of the extreme. One being a top 4 guy and one being Kevin O'Connor who has him at like 16. I think Randle has a unique combination of size, quickness, skill and tenacity. He can contribute right away offensively and on the boards especially on a team like the Lakers where he will be able to go 1 on 1. He needs to change his bulldozer mentality, add a jumper, learn some moves besides going back to the left every time, and learn how to play defense. I can see him being a solid starter in this league and seems like a good fit for the Lakers.

Smart is the other possibility here and the Lakers have wanted a good PG for a long time. He could bring a lot of things to this Lakers team and can probably contribute more right away than anyone in this draft.

8. Sacremento Kings - Marcus Smart, G, Oklahoma State

There is a decent probability the Kings don't even keep this pick but if they do I think they go Smart. Some people have mocked Elfrid Payton here which also makes sense but Smart is the better of the two PGs. He would bring toughness, leadership, defense to a team that desperately needs it along with some offensive skill. Smart can make the Kings a better team right away which is something it seems their higher ups want.

One of the many rumored deals for the 8th pick is Rondo for #8 and Ben McLemore. If I'm Danny Ainge I do this deal if we can't get Love. I actually probably prefer it over Love to go the complete opposite way and load up on young talent. The 8th pick in this draft can net some really promising players including Smart. This trade would also give the Kings the Star and veteran they've been wanting.

9. Charlotte Hornets - Gary Harris, SG, Michigan St

Almost all of the draft experts have them targeting a shooter at this pick. Most people fill the best shooters in here with Stauskas or McDermott. Harris isn't on their level of shooting but he brings much better D than both of them, something I think this Hornets team values. Harris was considered a good to great shooter a year ago but struggled this year. I've seen quite a few people say he played through injuries which is why he struggled. If a team like the Hornets believes that and thinks he will bounce back I think he warrants being taken ahead of those guys.

10. Philadelphia 76ers - Nik Stauskas, G, Michigan

Earlier I had them taking Guard, Dante Exum with the #3 pick. Exum is probably more PG than SG but can play both. Stauskas fits in well with him since he is more SG than PG but can play PG a little. Stauskas may be the premiere shooter in this class. It is close between him and Doug McDermott. He can shoot in every situation with a little bit of driving and playmaking ability. Stauskas' shooting along with Exum's driving ability is such a great fit together. I am jealous of the 76ers if this is what they come out of the draft with.

Some other options for the 76ers here could be Gary Harris, Doug McDermott, Julius Randle if he falls, Dario Saric if they're okay with waiting a couple of years, or a wing with promise in James Young.

11. Denver Nuggets - Elfrid Payton, PG, La-Laffayette

This one may seem a little surprising since the Nuggets already have a PG in Ty Lawson. At this spot if the Nuggets keep the pick I think Payton represents the best fit while still being a good value. Not long ago Denver was running a 2PG system with Andre Miller and Ty Lawson. Miller has since been moved but Lawson has proven he can play offball. Payton will bring handling, driving ability, with great defense. He is also one of the more highly talked about prospects with his leadership and mental makeup. He struggles with shooting but Lawson is a proven shooter and while Lawson is small Payton has the ability to cover bigger guys. I think they compliment each other well.

Prior to the Saric news he was widely projected in this spot. Now with the news of him staying I think it's doubtful the Nuggets take him after being only one year removed from the playoffs. I also don't think Doug McDermott is the best fit here since what he and Gallinari do overlap in some spots. It could make sense if Denever isn't optimistic about his health.

Some other guys who could make sense are Nurkic as Denver doesn't seem to be shy about international guys, a wing like James Young, Warren, hood, or a stretch big like Adrien Payne.

There's also a chance Denver moves this pick. Possibly for something like the Bulls 16 and 19 picks, a vet who could help now like Afflalo, or something like Rondo for Lawson and #11 which I would be all for.

12. Orlando Magic - Doug McDermott, F, Creighton

I'm not sure if I'm really sold on this pick but I think it is the best value. They will probably be disappointed Payton was taken right before them since they took Embiid earlier and still need a PG. I think taking a guy like Ennis or Napier is a reach here and McDermott brings some solid outside shooting for them. If they move Afflalo outside scoring will desperately be needed for their core guys of Oladipo, Harkless, Tobias Harris, Vucevic, Embiid. McDermott's scoring and shooting also gives him a pretty high floor which they need after risking #4 on Embiid. McDermott, Harris, Vucevic would be a pretty horrible defensive frontcourt until Embiid comes back but having two high character guys like Oladipo and McDermott is good to move forward with.

If they don't go McDermott I could see them reaching on a PG in Napier or Ennis, taking the promising wing in James Young, grabbing Nurkic or Payne, or even trading it. There's also a good possibility they do none of what I just said.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves - James Young, SF/SG, Kentucky

If the TWolves are keeping this pick I think they will take James Young. Some of their biggest needs are outside scoring and a go to guy and Young has the potential to be that. He has good size and athleticism but didn't shoot as well as people thought this year. He is still one of the youngest people in the draft and looks to be a good fit especially after missing on Wes Johnson a few years ago.

They could also grab McDermott if he falls to them to help fill in for Love if he is traded. They could also look at other outside shooters such as Stauskas, Hood, Payne if they are there.

14. Phoenix Suns - Rodney Hood, SF/SG, Duke

Hood is one of the better shooters in this draft. He also plays on the wing which is somewhat of a hole for the Suns. The Suns also may be losing Channing Frye who basically all he did was shoot 3s. Hood can come in and shoot right away with room to grow on offense. He has a high dribble and is inconsistent in most areas but he can do a little bit of everything. He is long and a lefty so he can get his shot off and he has the length to be a good defender even though he is pretty bad right now. He fits in well next to Dragic and Bledsoe and should get a lot of open looks in transition.

The Suns could look to deal this pick as they have 3 1st rounders. They are reportedly looking for shooters so if any of those guys are there they will take a look. They also are rumored to want a backup PG and there are a couple available. I think fit will be taken into account and also determining what will be left at their next pick at 18.

15. Atlanta Hawks - TJ Warren, F, NC State

This is more of just a gut feeling from me. When I look at the Hawks lineup of Teague, Lou Williams, Carroll, Millsap, Horford with Korver rotating in there is a big thing missing. A guy who can just flat out get buckets and drive at will is missing from this team. Warren brings all that and the ability to rebound the ball. He is a baller and if he gets his outside shot better could be a steal.

Other potential guys are Dario Saric if they are willing to wait, Jusuf Nurkic, wing players like Young or Hood, high potential guy in Lavine. I don't think they will go PG since they have Teague and drafted Schroeder last year.

16. Chicago Bulls - Adrien Payne, PF, Michigan St

There is a pretty good chance the Bulls don't make this pick whether it is from getting Love, Melo, trading up for a shooter. If they keep this pick it is no secret they are looking for a shooter. At this point most of the best ones are gone but Adrien Payne brings it as a stretch big. He would fit well in a rotation with Noah, Taj Gibson and would stretch the floor for those guys to go to work and for Rose to drive and dish. Payne also brings a lot of athleticism and has great character. He struggles on D but Thibs can probably get something out of him.

Another way they could go with this pick is a PG. They are rumored to be looking for one with Rose's question marks and I believe DJ Augustin is a FA. Thibs is some kind of PG whisperer and can get a lot out of the PG in his system so they will heavily consider it here. They have to consider who will be there for their next pick at 19 just like the Suns. They could also value Saric pretty highly and think drafting him is worth it here.

17. Boston Celtics - Dario Saric, F, Croatia

Boston and Danny Ainge will be thrilled if Saric falls to them at 17 even if he won't be over for at least two years. Saric is considered a top 10 guy in this draft and brings a lot of different things to the table. He has a great all around game is quite the gamer. Ainge isn't afraid to take risks and this one could pay off big.

Some other things the Celtics could do is trade this pick in either direction or for a player. If they keep it they could look at PG such as Ennis or Napier or take a shooter/scorer. They could also take a big since we are seriously lacking a Center and rim protector.

18. Phoenix Suns - Zach Lavine, G, UCLA

Since the Suns have 3 first rounders they can take some risks. Lavine might be the biggest boom or bust guy in the draft. He has unreal athleticism and has shown the ability to shoot but isn't a good player yet and some question his decisions at UCLA. Phoenix already has Dragic and Bledsoe at the guard spot but if Lavine works out he could fit into a nice rotation with them or be moved.

Suns could look for a less risky pick in Shabazz Napier or Tyler Ennis for their backup PG role or go elsewhere. Their GM McDonough is one of the better young GMs in the league and he could do anything with this pick and I wouldn't question it.

19. Chicago Bulls - Shabazz Napier, PG, Uconn

As I said before the Bulls are looking for a PG. Napier seems to fit in well with wanting to win now as he is a proven winner and can bring a lot mentally to the table right away. He can score from anywhere and plays smart but sometimes tries to do too much. The Bulls have done well with PG before so they can probably get the best out of Napier and he should help them in big games.

Napier is also a local boy and used to play against a good friend of mine. I hope he does well in the NBA.

20. Toronto Raptors - Tyler Ennis, PG, Syracuse

Seems like a pretty ideal fit for the Raptors here. They get a Canadian at a position of need and a pretty good value. It is hard to predict where PG will go since there are so many good ones in the league already. The Raptors have a need at PG since I believe both Lowry and Vazquez are free agents. Toronto will take a good look at any of the PG here and two other players I feel good about them considering are stretch forward Adrien Payne and point forward Kyle Anderson.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder - PJ Hairston, SG, D-league/UNC

One of the biggest needs for this Thunder team is scoring besides Westbrook, Durant, Ibaka and outside shooting. Hairston scored at will in the Dleague and can light it up from outside. He has some questions with his mentality but a real scoring option to go alongside those guys will be worth it.

Another thing the Thunder need is a replacement for Thabo Sefalosha. He didn't do as well on D or shooting as he has in the past. A couple guys who could fill in for that are Cleanthony Early who can shoot and is very atheltic, and KJ McDaniels who is one of the best defenders in this draft. If they look elsewhere I could see Adrien Payne or Shabazz Napier as possibilities.

22. Memphis Grizzlies - Jusuf Nurkic, C, Bosnia

To be honest with you I had a hard time fitting Nurkic in the 1st round but I think he will be. I don't know if the Grizzlies will take him but he seemed to fit with them. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol have questionable futures with this team and they could use some other big boys. Nurkic isn't the most athletic but he has touch and some moves down low. He has potential on the boards and as a rim protector as well and could very well go earlier than this.

If the Grizzlies look elsewhere I could see them like the Thunder going for guys like Early and McDaniels who excel on D. They could also go for Jordan Adams the Guard out of UCLA who is a very efficient scorer with promise or a guy who can crash the boards like Jarnell Stokes.

23. Utah Jazz - Jeremy Clarkson, G, Missouri

Earlier I had the Jazz taking big man Noah Vonleh. Another area that needs addressing is the guard spot. Clarkson is a real combo guard who can play offense. He isn't a very good shooter yet but he has potential and is pretty good at handling, driving, free throws. I think he would fit in pretty well next to Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward.

This pick is pretty frequently projected and if Clarkson is there I will be surprised to see them go elsewhere if they pass on a guard earlier.

24. Charlotte Hornets - Mitch McGary

Earlier I had them taking Gary Harris. Word on the street is they promised Mitch McGary at 24. McGary would have been a lottery pick if he came out last year but decided to return and injured his back and missed almost the whole year. McGary brings a lot of energy and physicality down low and and should be able to rebound in the NBA. He has some potential offensively and if his back is healthy he could be a good value.

25. Houston Rockets - KJ McDaniels, SF/SG, Clemson

McDaniels is one of the best defenders in the draft. For a guy his size he can block shots like not many people. He is very explosive and gets up high with good timing. He is also good at driving and can hit shots but is inconsistent. He has offensive promise and can be an elite defender. The Rockets wouldn't need him to score so much as play D since they have James Harden who all he does is score and not play D. McDaniels can help with wing D behind Harden and Parsons while growing his offensive game.

The rockets could look to take a PG as I don't think Lin will be there for very long. They could also look for highly rated analytics guys like Jordan Adams or Jarnell Stokes as their GM Morey and their front office are very much into analytics.

26. Miami Heat - Jarnell Stokes, F/C, Tennessee

As a non Miami Heat fan and a fan of Jarnell Stokes I will be a little upset to see this happen. Although at the moment there is a whole bunch of uncertainty with the Heat there was something missing from the Heat team this year. Udonis Haslem wasn't the same player he used to be and the Heat missed that. Like Haslem Stokes brings toughness, rebounding, good D for a guy his size. They both can bang down low and welcome it. Haslem has a better jumper and I'm not sure if Stokes can develop that but I love the guy and I think the Heat would love him battling with them in the playoffs.

The Heat will be upset if they don't get a PG, particularly Shabazz Napier. Chalmers is a FA and I don't think they're sold on Cole. Shabazz brings an attitude the Heat would welcome and he brings it in big games. He can hit the outside shot or do other things offensively and fits in very well with this Heat team.

27. Phoenix Suns - Clint Capela, PF/C, Switzerland

With their third pick the Suns take Clint Capela, a very athletic big with a lot of potential. Capela runs very well for a guy his size and finishes well at the rim. He would fit in great with a fast paced team like the Suns. He has potential as a rim protector and good rebounder but is very raw. The Suns can let him take his time as they probably won't be bringing in 3 rookies this year.

28. Los Angeles Clippers - Cleanthony Early, SF, Witchita St

Early has the potential to be a good range shooter and defender. He is very athletic and played a key part on a very successful college team. Early struggles with quite a few things but can score and would fit in with lob city. The Clippers traded for Jared Dudley and was hoping he could be their 3 and D guy but he struggled. Early doesn't have the best lateral quickness but has defensive potential. I don't know if Early can be the 3 and D guy right away but I think he could be over time.

I can see the Clippers going for a big like McGary or Stokes if they are there to grab some rebounds off the bench or a guy like Walter Tavares. There was a time pretty recently where Doc was playing Ryan Hollins in big games and Tavares has the length to be that right away with pretty big potential. They could also go with a PG since Darren Collison probably won't be back or a guy like Jordan Adams.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder - Jordan Adams, SG, UCLA

I'm not sure if Jordan Adams will make it to the Thunder at this spot but I think he is a good value here. He might be a little similar to Reggie Jackson but he should add some efficient scoring off the bench for this Thunder team. Adams can probably contribute right away which the Thunder should value as they are close to a championship.

If they look elsewhere I could see them grabbing a big like McGary, Stokes to get some rebounds and score down low. They could also look for a guy like Patric Young to try and replace Perk even if they already have Steven Adams. They could still look for a wing to replace Thabo Sefalosha as well, or a PG as there is some uncertainty around Reggie Jackson's future with the team.

30. San Antonio Spurs - Kyle Anderson, F, UCLA

Kyle Anderson has the biggest projected range out of anybody in this draft. If he goes anywhere from 15-2nd round I won't be surprised. I'm not sure many teams would know how to showcase his skills and limited athleticism. He is a point forward pretty similar to Boris Diaw or Kelly Olynyk on the offensive end. He can pass like a point guard and has a pretty good shot. He can rebound pretty well too and has good length. He isn't very strong or fast so he can create mismatches and he can be mismatched against. I don't know if there's a place better than the Spurs to get the most out of him behind Diaw and their coaching staff. I wasn't sure of many other fits so this is where he lands.

I know the Spurs love their international prospects so here are some guys they could take here. Damien Inglis, Walter Tavares, Bogdan Bogdanovic. For non international guys Jordan Adams, McGary, Stokes, Patric Young, Dinwiddie.

Just Missed

Spencer Dinwiddie, G, Colorado - Dinwiddie tore his ACL last year and I'm not quite sure how to gauge his draft stock. I like to think he plays like how he looks. He looks like a gentleman with his mustache. He plays in a mature fashion, isn't the most athletic guy, good fundamentals. He can shoot and get to the rim and if he was healthy he would go a lot higher. He probably still will go higher than this.

Walter Tavares, C, Cape Verde - Tavares has extreme length and rim protecting ability. He has a lot of potential and looks better than Fab Melo. Someone will probably take a shot in the 1st.

Damien inglis, F, France - Inglis has great size and defensive ability for his position. He is still really young and has a lot of room to grow on offense but defensively he can guard the best player. He could be a steal if he slips any further than late 1st, early 2nd.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, G, Serbia - Bogdanovic is a great shooter from everywhere on the court. He has playmaking ability and just dominated the finals in his league averaging 30.75 a game. He isn't a good defender and doesn't finish at the rim very well but he has potential.

Jeremy Grant, F, Syracuse - There was a time not too long ago when Grant was projected as a mid round pick. He has the length and athleticism to be a good forward but lacks shot making ability and size. He is a real tweener but has gotten better every year and can be a good player if in the right situation.

Patric Young, C/PF, Florida - Patric Young is a beast of a man. He was probably the strongest player in college last year. He hasn't grown much as a player but he will defend, rebound, and bang down low and score a little bit.

CJ Wilcox, SG, Washington - Wilcox is one of the best shooters in the draft. He is older but teams will pay for shooting especially good teams in the late 1st. I will not be surprised if he is taken in the 1st but he doesn't do much else than shoot. If you're that good of a shooter teams don't really care if you do anything else.

Glenn Robinson III, SF, Michigan - Robinson has a lot of potential in every area as he has good size and athletic ability. He has shown he can hit shots from deep and mid range and he can drive but he hasn't been able to do any of that consistently. If he puts it together he could be a steal this far down but he has a long way to go.

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